TiLT #2: love, joy, gratitude, beauty, fun!

Youtube heavy this go-round, I’m afraid. Been shown some amazing things by some wonderful people.

Katy Perry Chatroulette prank (it is RAD; too bad embedding’s disabled, boo)

SO JOY-INDUCING!!!! ❤ baby monkey.

Randall’s “Pigs of Wall Street”

-there was just something extra bewitching about the way the light hit this dogwood tree on campus – I don’t know if I caught the effect in the picture, really, but I had to try

-Gabe Moses’s How to Make Love to a Trans Person, especially these lines:
“Realize that bodies are only a fraction of who we are
They’re just oddly-shaped vessels for hearts
And honestly, they can barely contain us”
Some of the most beautiful words I have ever, will ever read. (And since I have kind of a “thing” about getting tattoos in pairs, I think these lines would go perfectly with the Stan Rice lines I’ve been planning on: “Everything is a struggle. Everything is a miracle.” I’m thinking they need to go somewhere I’ll see them, and remember what they mean to me, what they’re telling me, every day: forearms or wrists, maybe?)
-Skeeter and Chalupa have been pretty sweet this week, when they’re not running around like crackhead fiends, that is
-there was this awesome synchronicity between therapy and acupuncture this week – both focusing on getting me back in touch with my real self, my calm self, and not letting my worries be the boss of me and get my mind on that “hamster wheel” (or as the acupuncturist, Toby, put it, “We’re going to put the Queen back on the throne, and not let the worrying take over up there.”); this also meant I got needles in my wrists, and, while I certainly didn’t watch it happening, it was no big deal, no tears, no freaking out, just calmness – that is a HUGE DEAL for me, HUGE IMPROVEMENT (needles in my wrists, are you kidding?! I’ve come so far)
-having friends over for boardgames (and funny youtube vids – which includes alot of the above)
-going with Greg to a games store in Cary-ish, to play Gamma World, and enjoying the hell out of myself even though 1-it was my very first intro to Gamma World, and 2-I only actually knew 2 of the 8 people playing (yay for not having a social phobic freakout moment, go me, awesome!)
-“You know I’m just going to end up paying a buck-fifty, and then get kicked out.” (me, on learning of the games store’s cussing policy: 1st offense, 50c fine; 2nd offense, $1; 3rd offense, booted out; still not sure how I managed like three hours of not cussing)
-“And the flowers are STILL standing.” (Greg, quoting Ghostbusters – LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH! Quoting Bill Murray? Be still my heart.)
-getting some PROPER RAIN!!! woot! The thunder this morning was AMAZING. I am loving this – I hope it sticks around for a while.
-“the herpetrator” (Greg, on something – I SWEAR we need to start that podcast, it would be hilarious, if only to me)
-“Can you speculate as to what brought on this ‘bushwhack’?”

And to round it up nicely, we’re going to the The Pinhook tonight to watch the full run of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet.” It’s an experience, folks. I’ve seen it once before in its entirety (with him narrating, no less, which, by the way, is insane and insanely awesome, his narration, I mean), and I’m finally ready to see it again. Can’t promise I won’t have Weird Al’s “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” running through my head at some points, though. Or that I might cave into the insanity and have a drink or cadge a smoke. (Bad girl!) I’ll try to hold out. We’ll see. Happy Thursday, lovies! Here’s to the next sparkling week. xoxo


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