Lippie comparison, not really dupes, though

Once I tried on CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Fairytale, I had two thoughts: 1-it didn’t really suit me at all, and 2-it reminded me of a MAC lippie I’d bought that didn’t suit me, either. So I wanted to compare them and see if they’re dupes – turns out, they’re not. They’re maybe a little similar in color, but not really that much – the only thing they “dupe on” is that I find them unflattering on myself in a similar way, not that I can really describe it, other than “they just don’t look quite right.” And then once I swatched the MAC lippie, it reminded me of another MAC lippie that *does* work for me (at least, I think so), so I wanted to compare them to see if I could figure out why I like the one (Viva Glam Cyndi) but not the other two (Fairytale and MAC Impassioned). Here, then, are the photos.

no flash, left: Fairytale, right: Impassioned

with flash, left: Fairytale, right: Impassioned

More pictures (face and lip swatches, and Viva Glam Cyndi) below.

another comparison, no flash, left to right: MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, CG Lip Perfection Fairytale, MAC Impassioned

with flash this time

LIP SWATCHES! small and side-by-side for hopefully better comparison
no flash, left to right: Fairytale, Impassioned, Viva Glam Cyndi

this time with flash, same order:

And now on my face so maybe you get a better idea of the whole skin tone issue? Although Fairytale and Impassioned don’t look half as bad on me in these photos as they do in real life. Camera fail? Who knows. Although all three look really similar, at least in the thumbnails. All with flash, same order left to right.

And now I just to chop off the tip of Fairytale, sanitize the bullet, and it’s all yours, Aoife. (Drop me an email with your address, though, so I know where to send it.) Impassioned is also up for grabs, as I don’t think it suits me, either. This is what I get for having a medium-lived girlcrush on Rachel McAdams, seeing her rocking Impassioned, and then getting it myself without even trying it on. Ah well. Keeping Cyndi, though – I think the Lustre finish, and maybe something about the color itself (although I can’t figure out what), is what makes me like it on myself.


2 thoughts on “Lippie comparison, not really dupes, though

  1. Dude I think Impassioned totally suits you! Its such a pretty colour! But yeah, Fairytale is more pale and it kind of leans coral to me, Impassioned is more pink. Also I cant seem to find your email anywhere? Am I just stupid or is it here somewhere?? Lol I’ll just leave mine here
    Thanks lady 🙂

    • Aw, thanks! Well, I have a huge girlcrush on McAdams still, so maybe I’ll keep the Impassioned for a bit and see if it grows on me. 🙂 And I’m going to sanitize and mail out Fairytale soon, promise – probably Saturday.

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