TiLT #1 (Things I Love Thursday)

I’ve been keeping a small Moleskine with me (okay, so, really, I carry, like, four at all times, and two are small and two are medium-ish), to jot down stuff that makes me happy, little nuggets of joy or wonder or whatever. Mainly so I can keep track of them and start doing TiLT posts, but it’s also just AWESOME to look back and be like, “Yeah, I remember that, it was RAD! Actually, all this week’s been RAD!” Focusing on the positive, y’all, it is pretty sweet actually. Full of awesome, juicy, joyful goodies! So here we go, this past week’s TiLT:

-bellydance class (please note: this is guaranteed to show up like, every single TiLT, I love it so, so, so much)


(I’m sure there are much better pictures of the supermoon out there, but these are mine. I had to take some. And they were taken around 2:30am, after a fabulous evening.)

-eating dinner with with Greg, Stephen, and Erin at Mawa’s Taste of Africa: I had some accaras (black eye pea fritters with onion sauce – AMAZING!) and the vegan 5-vegetable Ethiopian delight (gomen, atkil wat, aleecha, mesit wat, and klete kilkil – DELISH! and I loooooove plantains)

-there was a Korist and singer, Diali Cissokho, at Mawa’s who was amazing, and for some parts his lovely wife sang with him (and her high – soprano? – voice was just a beautiful…counterpoint? is that the word I want?), anyway, INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE music – go check it out at Diali Cissokho’s website – you can even buy some music, and I know I will!

-going bowling after dinner with Greg, Stephen, and Erin – and staying late enough that it turned into Cosmic Bowling! And breaking 100, which I never ever do! (109, baby! We’ll just gloss over my other scores being pretty low, okay?)

-acupuncture! has been such a blessing! two appointments, and I feel so much better already, WAY less anxious in general, and “that thing in my right side” has calmed down so much it’s just amazing

-Maduro’s latest release, Chasing Dragons, has made my ears very happy, and making me want to wiggle. (Full disclosure: I had “From the Pit” on constant repeat when I was processing Betty’s death, but this past week I’ve finally listened to the whole album several times – it’s ALL FANTASTIC, no surprise there.)


Goddess Leonie Allan – I’m so into her right now – just joined the Goddess Circle, and am devouring all her goodies

-“major asscrack action”

-the tulips at Erin’s & Stephen’s (sorry for the crap cellphone pic – I’ve started carrying my small camera with me everywhere now, since lugging the DSLR around is unwieldy on a daily basis)

-Erin reminding me about the existence of BootyPop underwear – so ridiculous, I just can’t even…

Ugly Shyla’s awesomeness, and being lucky enough to own two of her beautiful art dolls

-blooms on campus (are they cherry blossoms? and is the purplish one a crepe myrtle? don’t care – they’re beautiful, whatever they are!)

-rediscovering my love of Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, riot grrl stuff (haven’t listened to it in forever, shame on me, it is fantastic)

-feeling super fertile creative (almost to a manic degree), and coming up with all sorts of crazy exciting projects to undertake

-podcast discoveries!: WTF with Marc Maron (thank you, Danny and Matt) and Astronomy Cast (thank you, Daniel)

-putting on winged liquid eyeliner and feeling FIERCE

-shots of the universe, forever and always (thank you, Brandi!)

-the badass honey badger (seriously, shit is INSANE; if they ever start socializing with each other, the human race is going down)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Red Lantern 2011 (“A tribute to the opium den cum bawdyhouses of Shanghai in the 1930’s. Golden amber, blonde tobacco, Sudanese black coconut, rich caramel, black currant, white opium and delphinium laced with a sensual blend of Asian spice.“)
I LOVE going up to the bar at the Pinhook, having Kym say, “Wow, someone smells really good,” and being able to say with utter confidence, “It’s me!” And it was. Because Red Lantern is the shit. I smell *divine*.

Dance of Shiva *arriving* – it just arrived yesterday, and I’ve only tried it once, and hoo boy, y’all, it whooped my ass. I think I’ve *just about* got the horizontal arm movements down, but only if I’m doing the same position with both hands. Switching it up just confuses me – but that’s the point, right? Building new neural connections, yay. And learning to be patient and gentle and nonperfectionist with myself. Also, it worked the hell out of my arms, so it’s going to be great for helping my arm strength/endurance for veil practice.

-going to see Amor de Cosmos last night – they are WONDERFUL! I’m in love with the electric oud, such a lovely instrument to look at, and such pretty sounds. They don’t have a myspace/facebook/whatever yet, but I did manage to record *most* one of their songs (just missed the first fiddle solo bits, sorry, they were great, I was just slow with the camera.) Sorry this photo isn’t so hot – Greg took some better ones at an earlier Pinhook show – I’ll see if I can dig those up and post them sometime. You really need to see that oud clearly, trust.

I took this video – so the late beginning, the crappy video quality, and probably some of the sound issues are all mine. Maybe if I’d been standing elsewhere, the sound mix would’ve been better? Anyway, trust me that these guys are AMAZING and so INCREDIBLE live. This video doesn’t do them justice.

“Take Me Where the Weather’s Cold,” Amor de Cosmos from Kathryn Jacobs on Vimeo.

-the dude at the Pinhook last night in the black jeans just dancing away joyously – I loved watching him having such an awesomely great time. I felt like it would be rude to film him without getting permission, and was feeling too shy/social phobic to ask permission of a stranger, but I thought filming his footwork might be okay? But it turned out too dark for you to see anything. It was incredible and just happy-making, though.

-“Did you say ‘milk turd’?” “‘Dick slur’?” “Oh, no, it was DINKLE whiskey, that’s it.” Milk turd, new favorite.

-The Magnolia Collective (featuring members of the Whiskey Smugglers and the Pneurotics; as well as, I’m pretty sure, one of my distant coworkers from the Circ Desk, cool) covered my favorite Pneurotics song: “Mizzou,” and reminded me of its existence, and how much I enjoyed the Pneurotics (and the Magnolia Collective was great, too), so that was happy

-last but not least, glitter in unexpected places, YAY! (And yay for fairylights – I need some in my home.) I just turned around to look behind me at the Pinhook, and saw this magicalness:

Damn, I have just had a splendid week, haven’t I? I am surrounded by magical, glittery, sparkling wonder on a daily basis. I’m liking this “actually NOTICING and APPRECIATING it” stuff. Thanks for the inspo, Gala!


2 thoughts on “TiLT #1 (Things I Love Thursday)

    • And that is why they are AWESOME! They are un-fuck-with-able! Total badass little curmudgeons that just want to live alone and be unbothered, with the fierceness and the nastiness and the violence to BACK THAT UP. My inner curmudgeon wants to be reincarnated as a honey badger, is what it is.

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