Sometimes you just need some Crudbump and EpicMealTime

Got some bad/sad news today. Can’t really talk about it yet. I’m fine, Greg’s fine, the cats are fine. Other than that, I’m pretty sad. So, these vids and some strong tea are helping. (And, okay, yes, I cheated and had four Sausalito cookies – high GI carbs AND sugar, but fuck it, shit got real shitty this afternoon, and I decided to have cookies. And, yes, that’s probably also on some level giving in to emotional eating, but, again, fuck it, I’m aware of it, it was a conscious decision, and I was sad and tired and just not up to being 100% perfect on my new low GI/no-sugar thing. I’m allowed to not be perfect all the time, and this is one of those times, especially considering I didn’t go nuts and eat like a whole pack of Oreos or anything. Whatever. I’m just blabbing about sugar shit because I can’t blab about what’s upsetting me. Less talk.)

Drew Toothpaste made a video for my hands-down favorite Crudbump song (and what I wish I could say was my personal anthem, except that my guilt complex makes me “do shit” all the time, but whatever, I still have aspirations of not doing shit):

And a new EpicMealTime:


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