Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Squee! I won Cacau Morgana Cryptoria lipstick giveaway! So psyched! (Although I feel like an ass for not checking y’all’s blogs over the weekend/til just now. Boo on me – I’ve got a lot of reading and commenting to catch up on.)

So sweet! I know I want Mistress, but I can’t seem to decide on the second color. (Also, Melissa’s releasing new colors soon, so…more drooling on my part.) Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick! Time to go jump around like a joyous little kid. (Pretend I’m not an adult. I’m certainly not mature. ;))

This is an excellent little mood boost, too – I’ve got a 5-hr blood glucose test coming up Monday, BLEAH, and I’ve been not looking forward to it. Now I can think about pretty pretties coming my way, thank you, Cacau! I’m quite positive it will help me be less of a bitch to the poor souls that will have to deal with me. Hmm…makeup as a reward/incentive/palliative for necessary-but-blecccch-y things I have to do…yes, that could work. 😉


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