Blibbety blabbety

Friday, I treated myself to a trip to the nail salon. I walk around barefoot every chance I get, so my feet are usually the dirtiest in bellydance class. (Which wouldn’t be so bad, but when we do our warm-ups, we “draw circles” with our toes, and you can see the soles of everyone’s feet in the mirror.) I figured a pedicure might be worthwhile. And my fingernails have been splitting and breaking badly lately, and I just wanted cute, longer nails, so I got gels while I was at it. Essie No Boundaries is super cute, y’all!

I’m not really a fan of square nails on myself; I think they just look weirdly proportioned on me, no matter what the length. But the dude that did my nails *really* didn’t want to round them, so I just went with it and filed them myself a couple days later. I had to file them, anyway, because they were slightly too long to play uke with.


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