Slim Ts are like Spanx for dudes, pretty much

I’m watching Untucked, and I’d forgotten about the existence of Slim Ts until the ad came on. They tickle me.

Anyhoodle, my Aromaleigh came today! I got the sample sets of the Astronomical, Mythos, Wonderstruck, and Spells collections. So I’m about to copy the shit out of y’all. I don’t trust myself to, uh, classify colors well, so if you use, say, a pinky bronze, then I’m like, “….uh, shit. I’m pretty sure this is bronze, but…pinky?” So, yeah, this way, I get to copy without having to think too hard about it. And, really, more Aromaleigh? Done deal! I wish all my beloved AL lippies hadn’t gone bad. (They were real old, though, for real. It was their time. I just miss them. Melancholy was my jam, and I haven’t come across a good dupe for it yet.)

Another commercial that just came on: CatGenie. It looks really neat (cat litter I never have to scoop or even deal with again? I wish), but the woman holding the cat at the end of the commercial looks straight-up like a Real Doll, not an actual human being. Weird.

Anyway, I’m going to go dither over all these lovelies, and try to figure out what to wear tomorrow, since I can’t really slap ALL of them on my face at once. I mean, I could, but I don’t know that it’d be cute.


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