Almost depressingly dull

The lovely Principessa Grassa did a run-down recently of search terms that had led people to her blog, and it looked like fun, so I thought I’d see what’s bringing bitches here. (Oh, I am just barely restraining myself from making a Kelis-related joke, since it would be weak and probably overdone. You’re welcome.) And it’s pretty dull, actually. In the past month, it’s mostly people looking for swatches: “revlon lipstick fabulous fig,” “zoya pasha,” “24/7 jackpot,” and the like. Hope I was some sort of help, y’all!

12 people came here looking for Sybil Buck. Obviously, I’m not Sybil Buck, but I have posted her a couple times, since she is the hotness, so hopefully y’all weren’t completely disappointed.

“Antidepressants fun.” Maybe? Not of late, and I’m having to go see an actual psychiatrist to get shit sorted out – so if *you’re* having “antidepressants fun” maybe you could give me a tip?

“Adora Belle Dearheart” – Three people have excellent taste, I see.

“Fucking spinster” – Well, yes, but not the type you’re probably looking for.

“revlon 007 lipstek” – This cracks me up because it makes me think of “milk steak.” “Lipstek” is totally what Charlie thinks the Waitress wears. Love it.

Two people got here by searching “kathyfuckingjacobs bramcost.” Wow. Not only do you pretty much already know my url, but you’ve also got my number. Holy shit, do I love Bramcost and the books they put out!

“old lady with labret” – That’s another good one. Yes.

“nudies teenagers boobs” – That’s more like what I was expecting, but only one searcher. Where are the pervs? (Just kidding, do not want.)

One person searched “kathy fucking jacobs.” – Dude, so close already. I like to think it’s a memorable url, but maybe not.

One searcher came for “sauce n cake” – hell yeah. That shit’s awesome.

“What color is that cat from meow cosmetics” – which one? The one under the banner on the homepage? My guess would be something like leopard or ocelet – something spotted.

“inblogtitle: ‘spinster'” – once again, so close.

And a bajillion and one specific swatch searches. Looks like I maybe know my audience. Great.


4 thoughts on “Almost depressingly dull

  1. HAHAHA! Sweeeet. And good luck with the “antidepressants fun” business … I myself had “antidepressants total apathy” and “antidepressants vomiting,” so no help here.

    Also, “fucking spinster” is awesome.

    • Yeah, I like “fucking spinster.” It’s apropos. And I’m having “antidepressants sleeping all the goddamn time,” when I’m trying for “antidepressants sleeping through the night”, so….we’ll see. That plus “antidepressants increased anxiety” made my doctor wash her hands of me and send me to a psychiatrist. 🙂 I’ve got an appointment for next week, and am rather looking forward to it.

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