Tag: seven facts about me

The lovely Heather over at Eyeconic Makeup tagged me, so here are seven facts about me:

1. I’m currently obsessed with Married with Children. So good!
2. Also on the Bundy tip, when I was younger, I wanted Kelly’s wardrobe. These days, I’m eyeing up Peggy’s.
3. I keep thinking I should come up with some sort of coherent personal style, rather than the hodge-podge I currently have. I can’t decide between “Mommy drinks” and “post-apocalypse dystopia.” And then there’s the comfort of “hobo chic” and “jeans and a tshirt.” What to do, what to do.
4. Sometimes I feed Skeeter earwax. (What, he really likes it.)
5. I kind of badly want to get a sample of Etat Libre d’Orange’s Secretions magnifiques. Even though I’m sure it’d make me gag, and I’d probably keep sniffing it from time to time to remember *just* how bad it was.
6. I’m an incorrigible nail-biter. And when I was little, I used to bite my toenails, too. (Ew.)
7. I’m in a fledgling ukulele band. We start practicing this Friday, and I’m nervous as hell, but also excited.

And I’ll tag:
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and anyone else who feels like sharing! 🙂


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