We pushed the celebration back two weeks, since there were several New Year’s parties already. And we didn’t play Cripple Mr. Onion, but it was a success nonetheless!

The pignata head presided over the festivities. Up close, Zoe wasn’t so sure of it, but at a bit of a distance, she liked to put the felt heart back in it. Pretty cute, that kid!

I dug out the usual decorations and put them up (but couldn’t get a non-blurry picture of the “sausage link” garlands).

Utter deliciousness, in the form of veggie-bacon-wrapped, blue-cheese-stuffed dates. There were no leftovers of these.

Beer cheese bread. Not really Hogswatch-themed, but good nonetheless.

Truffles (get it?!) and pig-themed goodies.

White House Punch (with champagne on the side). We also had fixings for Bacon Salt bloody marys, but didn’t end up making any.

Jackfruit carnitas. Jackfruit is AMAZING! Looks just like pulled pork.

Mashed “turnips.” (Actually, mashed rutabagas, since the grocery store only had rutabagas. But 1-they’re close to turnips, and 2-they’re delicious. Watery, though. I cooked off some of that liquid before we ate.)

Jeremy and Kimmie brought homemade hummus, with pita triangles and crudite. Yum! And that paprika pig!

And Dara and Tiffianna brought cupcakes with the cutest pig toppers!

And a quick and simple FOTD:

-MAC Strobe Liquid (cheeks)
-CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Liner in Very Black
-Nyx Doll Eye Volume Mascara
-Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red

ETA: And we played one game of Pass the Pigs (which Kimmie won, and took home a pig statue and pig mini-coatrack I had but didn’t want as her prizes), and then two rounds of Thunderstone (Tiffianna won the first round, and Dara the second). And then it was late, so I went to bed. šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Hogswatch!

  1. i just ate but now i’m hungry again! Everything looks so yummy – seems like you all had a blast! Love the pin-up-esque makeup too…looks great on you šŸ™‚

  2. The fact that all those lovely foods are vegetarian makes my head want to explode! How do you play Pass the Pigs? Your face looks radiant in that pic. I like the matte lippie too!

    • Thank you! Pass the Pigs is a really cute game where you roll “dice” for points, and whoever reaches 100 first wins – but the “dice” are little pigs. If they land touching each other, you lose all your points, so you have the option to pass them if you think you’re tempting fate, hence the name. Very simple, but lots of fun and surprisingly engaging. (People really get into those piggies rolling for them.) There’s an online version (you vs. the computer) here, but you miss the fun of actually rolling little pigs: http://www.passthepigs.com/

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