FO soon!

I finally finished my Twinkleberry socks! They are super cute, but, um, I’m too busy wearing them and having a sore throat and being puny to take pictures. Soon, though, I promise. Now I’m just trying to figure out what to start next. I was thinking something vintage, or a sweater/vest/jacket of some sort, or a vintage sweater/vest/jacket – but every time I find something pretty, my eyes glaze over when I get to the nitty gritty. I’m not deathly ill, but not in the mood for heavy thinking right now. I guess I’ll start another pair of socks – just don’t know what pattern yet.

It’s sleeting, boo. And my eyes have been kind of weepy while I’ve been sick, and aren’t quite over that disgustingness, so I figure sticking eyeliner in them would be a horrendously bad idea. So no playing with makeup either. BOO. If I’m miserably ill, like, too ill to do anything other than lie in bed and wish I would either fall asleep or die, either one, you know, then I’m alright, and I can kind of cope. Or at least lay there totally silently. Once I start feeling better, but still kind of ill, I get so whiny! I’m just impatient to do shit, but I’m not completely up to snuff yet, so I can’t actually do alot of the shit I want to. And then I whine. Anyway, sock time.


2 thoughts on “FO soon!

  1. Yay, can’t wait to see them! I have sock #1 of Twinkleberries the Second on the needles right now, along with about 90 other things. 😀

    Hope you feel better soon! And yes, the “almost-better-but-not-quite” bit sucks. WHY does it always take so much longer to fully recover than you think it’s going to???

    • Oh, yeah, I’ve got like three or four other WIPs, but I’ve had a good think about them, and all but one are getting frogged. Which is an improvement since I usually have a bajillion things “going” at once – actually, stalled simultaneously is more like it.

      I’m definitely ready to finish giving this bug the boot! I don’t really understand why it can’t be like, “once you first realize you’re starting to feel better, you’re ALL better” instead of just starting to get there. Oh, impatience.

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