Swatch Sunday, 1/9/11: random Meow Cosmetics

These are some of the Meow Cosmetics shadows that I have that I haven’t swatched yet, and aren’t in any collections I’ve seen swatched tons of times yet. I’ve got complete samples of the Friday the 13th, Guilty Pleasures, Simple Pleasures, Shattered Equinox, Sunless Sea, Halloween, Haunted Veil, and Crystalline Cat collections – but there’s a good chance you’ve already seen those a couple times. I’ll probably swatch them eventually, to satisfy my OCD urge to have everything swatched for the sake of completeness – but today I felt like doing stuff you may not have already seen. I’ve got one more shadow, a liner, and a blush, but I can’t get the damn camera to focus (it’s been iffy about that lately, not sure what’s going on), so those will be for next time. So, here we go.

over TFSI, top row, left to right: IdealEyes: Breakfast at Kitty’s; IdealEyes: Catablanca; IdealEyes: Cats in the Cradle

over TFSI, bottom row, left to right: IdealEyes: Street Cat; IdealEyes: Witty Kitty


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