We got a new camera – it was our birthday and Hogswatch presents to each other this year. It’s a Nikon D3100, and I’m still getting used to it. And Greg took some of these pics. And I’ve got tons more still to edit. And, naturally, most of them are of our captive subjects (the cats, or each other). Anyway, the first batch is


4 thoughts on “Photobomb

  1. Lol at ‘captive subjects’! I love how your kitties are well behaved enough to let you take a picture that doesnt end up being a blur! And the picture of you brushing your teeth is super cute!

    • Yeah, they’re pretty good, actually, even though I call them “little shits” alot. (Well, I call Skeeter that.) I think some of the non-blurry-ness is due to the camera, though. It’s fucking sweet.

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