Dupe busted, or, Kathy, you in danger girl

Possibly in danger. Of pissing people off on the interwebs. But I’m going to do it anyway: Whoever entered Nyx Louisiana as a 100% dupe for MAC Petals & Peacocks is a crackhead. (Or is maybe a bit colorblind, in which case I’m an asshole for calling them a crackhead. Except I don’t think colorblindness works that way. But maybe they just have bad eyesight, and I’m still an asshole? But really, crackhead.) I personally wouldn’t even call it a 95% dupe, either, but that might just be me. But I feel pretty safe in saying it’s absolutely not a dead-on dupe. Ugh, I can’t help myself: it’s 100% not a 100% dupe. Bad wordplay is a sickness, y’all. (And I swatched Chloe because that lying, gross plasticky thing in the butt end of the lipstick case looked similar to P&P. But it was lying; not similar either.)

left to right: Nyx Chloe, MAC Petals & Peacocks, Nyx Louisiana (click for ridiculously large)

I’m just reusing the P&P pic from the other day; the Nyx ones I took with the macro lens and some manual focusing! Watch out, now, I’m getting tricksy! (But really, that macro lens is pretty incredible. Those swatches are about a quarter as big as the original pic. Kind of weird seeing my lips that HUGE.)

Nyx Chloe

MAC Petals & Peacocks

Nyx Louisiana

I apologize for being so behind in commenting on y’all’s blogs! I’m catching up, I promise. But it is getting real, real close to my bedtime, so TTFN.


12 thoughts on “Dupe busted, or, Kathy, you in danger girl

    • It does, doesn’t it? I didn’t think about that last night, but now I might have to compare those two. Hmmm. This could spiral out of control, and wind up with me dupe-checking my entire lip stash. O.o

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