Where the fuck I have been, and an FOTD

Where the fuck have I been lately, right? Well, some of it was good: busy going out doing shit with friends, staying out too late, not really having time to blog. Some of it was not so good: being sleepy all the time because I’m trying to adjust to seroquel and going to bed super early so not having time to blog, or being more on the depressed side of things and not feeling like blogging at all. And then kind of indifferent things, like our laptop shit the bed, so I couldn’t blog while watching tv (do you know how difficult it is to walk all the way into the craft room and blog on Big Bertha and *not* simultaneously watch tv, y’all?) or we got a new camera (yay!) but were waiting for some of the lenses it should have come with to show up, so we weren’t unpacking the new camera, but I didn’t feel like using the old camera when the new camera was here. You know, real important lazy shit. Whatever. I’m feeling like barfing all over the interwebs again, so here I am. Rejoice, or something.

I’m going to start by posting the FOTD from last night, and then I’ll barf the other “test-pictures” in another post, so you can skip it if you don’t feel like being inundated by pictures of pets and random shit. Greg took the FOTD pictures, and while the quality is unarguably better (because the new camera RULES), um…we may need to talk about how I prefer my full face shots to be composed. Or posed. (Or I might need to figure out how to shoot those bad boys myself – but that camera is LARGE and in charge, y’all. I seriously don’t know if I have the arm strength to hold that sucker out the necessary distance, pointed at my face, and keep it steady enough for an unblurry pic. We’ll see.)

Anyway, the face. (And fyi, we’re still ignoring that eyebrow situation, thanks. I’ve decided to just give up and schedule a waxing appointment, since I like being pampered anyway. So, yeah, not even going to mess with them until then.)

And since this camera takes pictures at a ridiculous resolution/size, I’m just going to leave the original shots larger, for more sparkly goodness and whatnot. I mean, why not, right? All that detail, and it’s not blurry (like if I enlarged shots my old camera took).

-e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Nude
-Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
-Hi-Fi Cosmetics Labyrinth Collection eyeshadow in Slime & Snails (lid & crease)
-Hi-Fi Cosmetics Labyrinth Collection eyeshadow in Mornings of Gold (inner corners & brow highlight)
-Hi-Fi Cosmetics Labyrinth Collection eyeshadow in Lost & Lonely (foiled as eyeliner)
-Aromaleigh Indelible Eyeliner Sealant (foiling medium)
-Nyx Doll Eye Volume Mascara
-Hi-Fi Cosmetics Labyrinth Collection Spotlight Lip Glaze in New Dreams

And nails are China Glaze’s Wagon Trail, a gorgeous blackened green.

Forgive me while I get a hang of this new camera. But I love it already. It is sweet!


5 thoughts on “Where the fuck I have been, and an FOTD

  1. Ah, that new-camera feeling is so nice!!! Mine is a relatively simplish point-and-shoot Canon…but I went from 4 megapixels to 12.1 megapixels. Yay!!! Sadly, more pixels means more details means I can see the flaws in my skin better. (…not so yay…)

    Tradeoffs. Life is tradeoffs.

    Enjoy the pampering!!!

  2. Wow! Slime & Snails looks awesome! Very simple and pretty FOTD! Thanks for the update. I know how difficult it is to drag yourself into the other room with the desktop computer. Its so convient to blog and watch TV at the same time!

    • Slime & Snails is gorgeous! I was very pleasantly surprised by it.

      Yeah, it’s so difficult. And Greg’s thinking about getting Droids the next time we get new cellphones, and I think I’m going to turn into one of those monsters that are on their phones all.the.time. Ugh. We’ll see.

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