Ugh, so much to catch up on, again, kind of.

Chalupa’s new collar: YES, DUST SPRITES!!! (Or Soot Sprites.) Agggh, the cuteness! I know she really wanted more skulls, because she’s hard like that, but once I saw this I had to executive-decision her ass. Sorry, ChaCha.

And the new hair. It’s Garnier HerbaShine Deep Burgundy, but it came out more like black-purple. Which is totally fine with me. 😀

And here I’ve pinned up/back the section I’m thinking of razoring down, so it’s kind of like what it’ll look like once it’s done, I think. Except a little wispier? I don’t know exactly. But it’s an approximation. My left ear won’t have any hair to hide behind, poor thing. 🙂 Greg is not into this idea, as it turns out. But…it’s just hair, it’ll grow back. (Although I’m not exactly sure how to grow out basically shaved down hair while the rest is long without it looking pretty weird. And weird in an un-deliberate way. When it’s razored down, I think it’ll look like an obvious hairstyle choice, you know?) Anyway. With the new color, and the part, and the way the bangs hang, I think it’s practically screaming for me to go ahead and chop that shit off. (And honestly, if I don’t do it now, when? I like to think age doesn’t affect my decisions – but I probably would not be considering this if I was, say, ten years older.) I’ve been wanting something like this since I saw the first Resident Evil movie, so….probably time to do it and get it out of my system. (And then spend forever growing that section out once I get tired of it, right? Oh well.)


4 thoughts on “Ugh, so much to catch up on, again, kind of.

  1. That kitty collar is too cute! Love the new hair colour! Ahh yeah alices hair is pretty cool! I always wanted an outfit like that! I wonder would you like shave the two lil circles in there too, an walk around totally like ‘yeah people have been testing on my brain, so what’?

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad hairstyle on Milla, but the RE ones are definitely some of my faves. I don’t know that I’d shave the circles in – but it might be something to work out temporarily for Hallowe’en…Hm.

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