Swatch Sunday, 12/05/10: I think this is the last of my Maybelline lip stash

The Color Sensational STAINS!

The thin line is one quick swipe; the thick line is two heavy-ish applications, allowing the first layer to dry before doing the second.

left to right: In the Buff, Wink of Pink, Bitten Berry, Plum Flushed
without flash

with flash

In the Buff

Wink of Pink

Bitten Berry

Plum Flushed


9 thoughts on “Swatch Sunday, 12/05/10: I think this is the last of my Maybelline lip stash

  1. Not really related to this specific post…just wanted to say that i’ve been lurking awhile now…have finally had some time to go back and thumb through quite a few of your posts (recent and older) and I just wanted to say how much I effing love you 🙂 I get a really bad ass vibe from you and I’m loving your blog!! As a “professional diagnosed” sufferer of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and ADHD and a “self-diagnosed” sufferer of OCD (mild) I can really relate to some of your more personal posts, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen you do. Sorry to be so drawn out and such, but I decided that it was time that I stopped lurking and actually say hello, so…HELLO 🙂

  2. *”professionally diagnosed” – sorry about that error…did I mention that I’m a little anal about stuff as well 😉 hah!

    • Me, too! When I make a grammar/punctuation/spelling error in a comment, but don’t catch it in time, it is such a struggle not to put another comment up correcting it. Hee.

  3. Yeah…I’m not the only one! I swear sometimes my husband thinks that I’m the only person who does some of the shit I do lol. I need to work on it to…at least maybe now I can just tell myself that if I make a mistake in a comment on your blog, you will understand and I won’t need to correct myself. Just one more reason why you rock – much love from texas ❤

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