FOTN: Let the copying – er, I mean *homages* commence (11/30/10)

I haven’t been feeling particularly creative when it comes to putting makeup together lately, so I decided it was finally time to hit up those looks I squirrel away in one of my private tumblrs, the one titled “looks to copy.” Ho yuss. Get ready to see tons of shit you’ve already seen, and probably tons of shit you’ve already done. Love you!

So, last night, Greg and I went to bellydancing at the Pinhook, and it was fucking AWESOME! And I decided it was time to finally bust out this look of Zoetica’s I’ve loved since I first saw it: Taking Flight with Aromaleigh. In my infinite wisdom – oh, wait, make that infinite crackheadedness – I got rid of all my mineral foundation samples during my love affair with bb creams. The samples were old anyway, is what I told myself. And now I’m over bb creams for Clinique’s shit, and once I finish it I’m trying out some MAC foundation to compare. And eyeing up that expensive ass shit Pixiwoo uses to look so flawlessly gorgeous, trying to figure out how to justify those purchases, but I digress. I did without the mineral foundation. (But I need to get some more samples – gonna start with Meow.)

The look, it was awesome. Your girl got hit on, for reals. That shit *never* happens. (I’m not trying to say I’m hideous, I just seem to have an aura of “not available.” I don’t even know why, it’s not like I act like a bitch from the get-go, or wave my ring finger around prominently. Could be my general social-anxiety-induced nervousness, maybe, that peeps are picking up on.) But yeah, some dude very nicely started with the “don’t I know you from somewhere,” and we started comparing notes about hang-outs (of which I frequent, like, none ever, because: social anxiety), and it wasn’t until I was like, “Well, my husband’s been in several bands and runs sound here, so maybe that’s where we’ve run into each other?” and I saw his face fall that I finally twigged to what had just gone on. So, yeah, I was all, “Shit, I know I said I was all extra cute tonight, but…validated! Fuck yeah!”

So, the look. Keep in mind that my makeup skillz are nowhere near as honed as Ms. Ebb’s. Still think it came out pretty damn good, though. Greg’s got this thing tomorrow since he’s a public service rockstar and won the Chancellor’s Award, and I’m going, and I’m probably rocking this combo again then, so there.

-some herbal foundation primer that I got from Morgana Cryptoria back in the day (that Aromaleigh also sold, and some other places; private label?)
-Fyrinnae Fluff (and loads of it, and this shit is MAGICAL, my skin looked sooooo great up close)
-Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer (Zoetica didn’t list a primer, but I couldn’t get the eyeshadow to stick without it, so I threw it in)
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (waterlines, outer edge of upper lashline, smudged)
-Aromaleigh Les Papillons Collection Mineral Eyeshadow in Soul Takes Flight (lid and lower lashline)
-Aromaleigh Les Papillons Collection Mineral Eyeshadow in Air & Light (inner corners, inner upper eyelid)
-Aromaleigh Bete Noir Collection Mineral Eyeshadow in Bette (crease)
-Clinique High Lengths Mascara in Black (my application was way off, kept clumping it on, my fault, though, not the mascara’s)
-e.l.f. Hypershine Gloss in Fairy

Here’s two shots of my hair – I fucking love messy cute shit like this. Throw in a shit ton of bobby pins and call it a day? Done. Love it.

Expect to see me rock this shit for, oh, ever. After a certain length, I love that it’s long, and I can do fancy shit with it, but 99% of the time I cannot stand it being on my neck, it’s too thick and hot (even thinned the fuck out as it is now, thank you, Jess; if it wasn’t thinned out, I would be DYING). But I’ve got this notion to shave part of it down – razor it down, actually – and Jess is on board, so I’m growing it out because it’ll “go” better if the rest is a bit longer than it is now. I think I need to grow my bangs out, too, might be less coherent if they’re like they are now. Anyway. So, long hair for a while yet, which means getting it the fuck off my neck. So, this hairdo, forever and a day. I’ll try not to bombard you with pictures of the same old, same old. Unless they’re super duper cute.

If you’re wondering about the shaving/razoring, I’m totally copying Sharon Kihara’s style (although I think she’s since moved on), because it is the hotness. (And Sharon Kihara is the hotness, obviously.) Looks something like this. Wish I knew who to attribute those to, but I was too busy collecting pictures to show Jess. I’ve loved this hairstyle for sooooo long, but didn’t feel confident enough to do it myself, was always, “Wish I had the balls to do it.” And then like a month or two ago, I decided, “Fuck it.” And just ran it by Jess to make sure my hair’s texture wouldn’t make it totally hideous (like I sooo want Milla’s Resident Evil hair, but my hair just wouldn’t do it), and she greenlit it, so….yeah. Can’t wait.


10 thoughts on “FOTN: Let the copying – er, I mean *homages* commence (11/30/10)

  1. Getting hit on…sweet! Always makes a girl feel good! Beautiful look! LOVE the hair! All of the colors in it look awesome! And how you have it up is so cute!

    • Thank you! Yeah, the different colors in my hair were totally a happy accident, but
      I am digging them. I think I’m just going to do everything I can to somehow keep recreating it. 🙂

    • Aw, thanks! Yeah, I can’t wait to razor down part of my hair – which is weird, because like…a year ago, I would’ve been like, “SCARY!” and now I’m like, “It is time yet? How about now? Now?!”

  2. That first pic makes me LOL.
    Daaaamn your hair looks awesome!
    You do look like the hotness, just sayin’.
    Haha, aww, poor dude got cockblocked. 😉

    • Thanks! I love my little monster, he cracks me up. And I almost never get to see the back of my hair, so I am digging all the different colors back there. (Not quite that spectacularly variegated in the front.) Man, I wish I could get some yarn hand-dyed to match. Nerd. But I would love it.

    • Probably because I roll myself in makeup every morning? (Well, almost every morning.) 😀

      He was mugging behind me, but then got out of the shot right before I pressed the button, so I told him to get back in. He loves to lurk ominously. (And I love to laugh at his “ominous” lurking.)

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