Ambien is a hell of a drug

So happy I seem to have found a different drug that helps me get to sleep, so I can stop taking Ambien. It’s a bit scary. On the other hand, it spurs me to swatch lipstick samples that have been languishing in my sample binder forever. Now maybe I’ll know which I need to buy full sizes of! (Although unfortunately my sample of Shrieking Violet was so old that it had gone off, and wasn’t any practical use for swatching. I’m just going to get a full size of it anyway. It looks so gorgeous on Ms. Pixie that I have to have it.) Sorry some of these swatches are sloppy – I was half-asleep, though.

These are all Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks. Some of them aren’t listed right now – not sure if that means they’re discontinued, or just not currently listed.





Sugar Plum Rum

Turquoise (love this one especially!)




Gunmetal Blue

Pumpkin Eater

Ice Queen




12 thoughts on “Ambien is a hell of a drug

  1. I ordered Rustic yesterday and REALLY wanted to get Serenity too. Damn, now I’m thinking I should have. I’ll be getting Valentine at some point too, and mmm Nightshade looks so great on you!

  2. Great swatches! Gunmetal Blue looks awesome! I just receive my first ever, order of Morgana lippies today! Haven’t got to play with them yet.

  3. “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…”

    I know the odd colored lipsticks are Morgana’s trademark, but I’d love for Melissa to make some more “normal” ones sometime. I could never wear any of these in public and not feel awkward. Idk why I’m fine doing crazy eyeshadow but not lipstick. I do really like the look of Nightshade though.

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