Chemistry/modern medicine is soooo weird

Not to overshare, but tonight I start a new medication (trying to get a better handle on my night-time anxiety/getting to sleep), and one of its possible side effects is – get this – “unwanted breast milk.”

How insane is that?!

I wonder what the likelihood is. Hmm. I guess we’ll see.


14 thoughts on “Chemistry/modern medicine is soooo weird

  1. Um…wow…I hope you will be brave enough to let us know if that happens to you! I’m getting weird images of milk shooting across the room…from a boob!

  2. NICE! Let us hope that that’s one of those side effects that only one out of like 9 million users ever experience. I took an antibiotic this year that had a possible side effect of “black hairy tongue.” Mmmmmm. And I’m with The Peach … do tell us if this occurs, so we can make fun of you. I mean, support you, and stuff.

  3. I love the weird things they list, especially things like “sudden death” and “intense pain”, because you KNOW it’s only because one test subject randomly had that thing happen, quite possibly from some unrelated cause. But yeah, that stuff has always freaked me out , too. It’s like “Do I REALLY need this allergy medication? I mean, REEEEEEEEEALLY?” Updates if it happens, plz! In the name of science!

    • Yeah. I love the intro part where they’re like, “If your doctor has prescribed this for you, it is because the benefits outweigh the potential risks.” Like, “well, you could get x horrible effect from taking this drug (including death), or you could not take it and have y horrible thing happen (including death). Your call.”

    • I think the black hairy tongue takes the cake. Although! One of the side effects of this med for men is growing boobs – so I have to wonder if they could start lactating too, potentially.

    • I know, right? I will probably die laughing, too. After I get over the mortification of spontaneously lactating in public. Because you *know* that’s how it would start, like, out at a restaurant and all of a sudden, “…..oh, goddammit. (crawls under table)”

      If it does happen – although I really think it’s the remotest possibility – you can believe I will share it. It’s too insane to keep to myself.

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