FOTD: Biker’s Ice Cream Party (11/16/10)

I wanted to try my hand at recreating the look from this video (especially now that my hair’s variegated blue, and I love matching makeup and hair). I didn’t want to do this *today*, since it was kind of involved, plus I had therapy (which isn’t always conducive to makeup). But I felt like playing with makeup tonight after I finished practicing uke (yes!), so I did. Yeah. It’s a shit ton of slap, but I like it!

-MAC Select Cover-Up in NC20 (under eyes)
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow in Biker Chic (lid)
-Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow in Vanir (crease, outer lower corner)
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Binge (waterlines)
-Nyx Doll Eye Volume Mascara
-Clinique Supermoisture Makeup in Linen
-Fyrinnae Fluff
-MAC Fix+
-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ice Cream Party mixed with a smidge of Amplifier

Does anyone else find that some lip lustres are thicker, a bit drier, and harder to get out of the tube? I have a couple that are like that, but don’t seem dried out, per se. Amplifier’s one of them; Diabolic Masquerade’s another. Really thick and creamy. I’m wondering if I should depot them – or maybe just remove the cap thingy, so I can press the wand up against the sides of the tube more?

Also, I’ve got an optometrist appointment this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it, because I’m going to get contacts again, and then I’ll be able to SEE SHIT while wearing sunglasses. Rad! And looks like this one will stand out a bit more because they won’t be hiding behind my glasses. (Although I do like the blue hair with the blue eyeshadow with the blue glasses.) But I don’t know what to do about my under eye area. On the one hand, fuck it, you know? That just seems to be how they are. On the other hand, maybe I just haven’t found the right eye moisturizer/serum? Or a bit more matteness there might help? I don’t know, y’all. Any recommendations/tips/tricks? Would be super appreciated.


19 thoughts on “FOTD: Biker’s Ice Cream Party (11/16/10)

  1. Wow, I am soooo copying this tomorrow. It’s so hot! I like the version you did because it’s so sparkly. Plus the lip color is really sexy.
    I want your haaaaiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr soooo baaaaaddddddddddd!!!!!!! My fiance’s hair is blue too. You guys are twins!
    My Fyrinnae Lip stuff got that way too. I wonder if it’s because the natural butters harden over time. I think maybe heating it up a tiny bit might help with the texture but talk to the Fyrinnae boys about that. They know better/might have a better reason why the texture got funky.

  2. DUDE this is my favourite look that you have ever done x100000000000000000 :O it’s so kickass, and brings out the red tones in your eyes. You look really badass in the first photo and coupled with the title you reminded me of Gemma from Sons of Anarchy 😀

  3. Heey you’re you :DD Who added me on FB .. Haven’t seen your blog before .. (it’s been ages since I’ve been blogging) . Looks like a nice blog!

    Love the make up, and your hair colour! x

  4. Love this look! Since I’ve been following you I’ve only seen you do more neutral looks. You look awesome in a dark smoky eye! It really makes your brown eyes pop!

    • Thanks, lady! And you make a damn good point. I’m going to just stop worrying about my undereyes. I mean it’s not like anyone’s thinking poorly of me about them – and if they are, they’re a dick anyway. Good call!

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