Soup Thursday: Baked Onion Soup

Tonight, I made the Baked Onion Soup from Nava Atlas’s Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons. It was pretty great, although we both agreed the potato chowder was the best so far. I think, for me, the broth wasn’t quite flavorful enough. Since it’s vegetarian, it uses miso instead of beef broth, to give it a strong flavor. But it was still a bit bland. (I don’t know if that’s the recipe, or just that I like miso, or maybe due to the *type* of miso I used?) Also, it’s a shit ton of onions. I think as the recipe is written, it would just barely fit in a dutch oven; I actually made it in our stock pot. The broth to onion ratio was pretty low, too. Next time (and I’m definitely making this over and over again), I’m probably going to double the broth, and I’m definitely going to try to punch up the flavor, either by using a different type of miso or adding vegetarian worcestershire or soy sauce or something. But anyway, it was delicious! And really very simple, for something that comes out of the oven looking kind of complex. Here are a couple pictures at various stages.


6 thoughts on “Soup Thursday: Baked Onion Soup

    • 😦 There must be a single-serving recipe out there, surely. And then you could just make one and have it all to yourself. (Unless he’s allergic and you want to get kissy afterwards…)

  1. I wish Mr. Mango actually liked onions instead of being a boring old fart, because I would make this soup every week if he’d let me. The cheesy topping taunts me.

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