How the hell do these work?

Okay, so I recently picked up one of the Profusion Beauty Wallets at Walgreens, got it home, swatched a shade, liked it (seemed pretty buttery, well-pigmented), and went back for the other two wallets. Yeah, it looks like maybe some of the shades are used in more than one wallet, but there are some colors unique to a wallet, and they’re less than $5. Plus I had some Walgreens register rewards/jingle cash, so it was even less out of pocket. I’m not sure if this is the same Profusion that makes these wallets – I kind of think it isn’t since the wallets aren’t on their site? But I could be wrong. Anyway, I came across this product of theirs:

Now, they say, “all the colors of the rainbow at your fingertips,” but lip products like this always confuse me. Milani has some tri-color glosses, too, that I’ve eyed up in CVS but passed on because I just don’t know. How exactly do you use these and get more than one muddled-up color out of them? Or how do you get a lower color out without squeezing out all the top color first? Is it even possible?


8 thoughts on “How the hell do these work?

  1. Looks like the glosses have iridescence based on the blue/purple layers. Interesting, but it would suck if the mixing of layers results in a blue toned greige or something equally as unwearable.

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