Damn, y’all, I’m sorry

Didn’t mean to keep you hanging on the tomato congeal front.

So I took Greg to K&W Friday, and it was so rad! I loved it, and squeed alot. (Yes, really, actually squeed. Greg laughed at me.) I got fried okra, yeast rolls, and my favorites: mac and cheese (sooooo good) and yam casserole (scrumptious!). Greg got a ton of vegetables (and kindly let me try them), as well as the tomato congeal. (Which was labeled “vegetable congeal” but the lady handing it out knew it only as “tomato aspic.” Not that that is a bad thing, since “aspic” is obviously the more superior word. It just needs to come up more in common parlance. Like “aspidistra” does. Speaking of which, I need one.) We both ate the aspic, and it was okay. The first few bites, I actually liked it, which surprised me considering I am not really a fan of tomatoes and textures are a big deal for me when it comes to food. The later bites, it took on this weird sweet-ish flavor, which just didn’t do it for me what with the whole vegetable thing. I know, I’m a square. I swear I do love some sweet/savoury combos, but I can be picky about them. Tomato aspic is one of those foods. And now for the pictures:


4 thoughts on “Damn, y’all, I’m sorry

  1. Oh dear sweet fancy Moses. One, you are a braver woman than I. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to food, but I don’t know if I could get my head around this. Two, I initially read “yam casserole” as “yarn casserole,” which, awesome. Three, I need to look up “aspidistra.”

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