Introducing Soup Thursdays

I cooked dinner tonight, and enjoyed the hell out of it. (Um, it was also super easy and very little effort.) I’m making dinner tomorrow night, too, a soup. And since I felt like making more soups, I started flipping through a recipe book. And then I proposed to Greg that we start a weekly soup night, to try out all these recipes I want to try. So, that’s happening. I’m mentioning it here because there’s a good chance I’ll blog about the soups – but more importantly, because there are really way too many recipes in Nava Atlas’s Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons for me to keep putting slips of paper in to mark what I want to make. So I added another page to this thing, and am listing them there for myself for future reference. Where I’m using a recipe I found online, I’m linking to it, in case it looks good to any of y’all and you want the recipe. Sweet.

So, first up, tomorrow night I’m making Bean-Potato Chowder, and then this Thursday I’m making Baked Onion soup from the Atlas book. (It’s like French Onion soup, which Greg has never had, but it is right up his alley so it’s about damn time.)

And for food-blogging-continuity’s sake, tonight I made Celery Pecan Casserole, from Patricia Telesco’s Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook. Alot of good recipes, and some trivia about celebrations, magical beliefs, stuff like that. For instance, the Romans apparently believed that celery helped one “obtain gentler affections and improved virility.” I don’t know about that, but it *is* damn delicious. I went a bit overboard with the topping this time, though. I had more pecans than I needed, but only by a bit so I didn’t feel like measuring out what the recipe called for and then packing up what was left over. So then I increased the breadcrumbs, which also thickened the cream of celery soup, and…yeah. It’s not quite as “sauce-y” as it was last time I made it. (It’s not dusty with breadcrumbs all the way through, though – the topping just tends to fall down when you dish it out, is all.) But still yummy!


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