A blog award? For me? Let the squeeing commence.

First and foremost, the lovely Aoife (have I ever told y’all about how I’m a sucker for Irish names? more on that below the cut) very kindly gave me a blog award. It’s my very first and I am fucking pleased as punch!

1. Say who gave you the award
2. List ten things you like
3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers

1. Aoife! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, why the good hell not? I love her hair and her wicked eyeliner so much, but she’s awesome all around. Hie thee hence, and read.

2. Damn. I really like a lot of things. It’s getting kind of silly what I’ll get excited/happy about these days. On the other hand, it smokes being bored/unhappy. First ten things that come to mind:
-dreary weather
-wood fires (going to have one tonight! woo!)
-mac and cheese
-hot chocolate (especially with Godiva in)
-my happy little family

3. Ten more blogs you should be reading, and that I’m passing this award on to:
Silhouette Screams
Eyeconic Makeup
Faeries Stole My Lipstick!
Glitter is my crack
Principessa Grassa
Queen Bee of Hearts
Sassafras Junction
Dainty Darling Digits

(So, I am an absolute sucker for Irish names. I went through this phase when I was in high school where I was obsessed with languages. One of the languages I briefly studied was Gaeilge, or Irish Gaelic. And oh I loved it – my maternal grandmother’s family were Callahans, and I’ve loved Ireland and all things Irish since I was teeny. I still remember a couple phrases, a few more names, and the basic gist of pronunciation. Sidenote: I hadn’t come across the name Aoife before reading Aoife’s blog, so I took a stab at it before I googled up the pronunciation, and was super pleased with myself for getting it right. I am a nerd, y’all. Anyway, also, I had these two kittens I got for free from this woman who claimed they were an Irish breed. I loved them because they were black and adorable and witchy little things, and an Irish breed was just gravy as far as I was concerned. It was also a little suspect, so I did some googling later. She called them “Cob cats,” and I think she meant “Cobh,” as in the town, but as far as I can tell there’s no such thing. But I thought it’d be cute to give them both Irish names, anyway, so I named them Siobhan and Daoine. Which I loved, but holy shit, the vets had such a time with that. I think the best one was Dwayne for Daoine.)


3 thoughts on “A blog award? For me? Let the squeeing commence.

  1. Lol i used to live in england and they always used to pronounce my name (a-oyy-fee), my teachers then had to write (eefa) in brackets next to my name! Then i moved back to ireland and everyone got it! Lol its actually quite common!

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