Rather disappointed in my fellow Americans right about now

I could bitch about Republicans all day, but really, that’s just me bitching, and I know plenty of nice Republicans. Here’s my real bottom line, and it has little to do with what party line you toe: if you’re full of hate for your fellow humans, if you come to a dialogue and *start* with vitriolic invective and acid-spitting straight off the bat, if you’re convinced you deserve to be happy and healthy and sheltered and nourished but that other people do not, then you can FUCK RIGHT OFF.

If you have empathy, if you can comport yourself like a calm and civilized adult instead of a tantrum-throwing toddler, if you can actually listen to and consider other peoples’ opinions (I’m not saying you have to agree, but you have to be *open to the possibility* of having your mind changed), if you can recognize that *everyone else* has just as much right to be happy as you do, then we can talk. Shit, I will probably think pretty highly of you, too. It’s amazing how pleasant and cool people are when we’re not being total dicks to each other.

I would apologize for this rant, but I’m not in the least bit sorry. I fucking mean it. I am so disgusted right now by our inability to even try to get along, by our impatience, and by our stubborn insistence that we can pull ourselves out of this mess if we just do more of what got us into it in the first place. You know what one definition of insanity is, don’t you: doing the same shit over and over, and expecting different results.

I’m going to go console myself by cleaning up cat puke, reading Hellblazer (Constantine knows what I’m talking about! he is badass), and playing with the sweet, sweet samples Heather sent me. That will be discussed further in another post so as not to tarnish their radness with this shit. And if I manage to find my spine, go explain to someone I *thought* was my friend that I don’t appreciate the “I’m going to delete all my liberal friends now, they can suck it” facebook status, since I’ve never said shit to them about *their* politics. Maybe it’s time I started, though. I’ve been home sick all day, and had to go to the damn grocery store twice when I felt like ass (totally worth it, though, got hella sweet deals), and I’m in a pretty foul mood.

Update: Well, look at that, I seem to have a spine. Sad about having to burn bridges, though. But probably better this way.


2 thoughts on “Rather disappointed in my fellow Americans right about now

  1. You know, though, sometimes you’ve got to keep your own boundaries intact. There’s “not giving your friends shit about their politics” and there’s “letting them shit all over you because of your politics”.

    One is being something of an asshat. The other is being something of a doormat. Neither extreme is all that great.

    Good on you for realizing that not being an asshat doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat.

    • Thanks! That is a really good way of looking at it, that honestly hadn’t really occurred to me. (No big surprise since I kind of still need to work on the whole “not being a doormat” thing.)

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