Swatch Sunday, 10/23/10: Maybelline Sensational lippies

I got a couple Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks yesterday, and realized I’ve been really into Maybelline’s Sensational lip products for a while now, and have a decent collection of them. So, this is what I’ll be swatching for a couple weeks. Today I’ve got my Pearls and my brown Sensationals to show you.

Top row, left to right: Twinkle, Luminous Lilac, Pearly Pink, Blushing Brunette
Bottom row, left to right: Caramel Kiss, Touch of Toffee, Cocoa Fever

with flash:

without flash:

Color Sensational Pearl lipstick #705 Twinkle

Color Sensational Pearl lipstick #715 Luminous Lilac

Color Sensational Pearl lipstick #720 Pearly Pink

Color Sensational lipstick #245 Blushing Brunette

Color Sensational lipstick #225 Caramel Kiss

Color Sensational lipgloss #255 Touch of Toffee

Shine Sensational lipgloss #50 Cocoa Fever

I’ve never really liked my lips (the top one is too small, the bottom too full), but after doing editing so many pictures of them, I’m starting to like them. That’s a nice side effect.


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