Makeup Zombie spoiled the shit out of me!

Not to be a snot and rub it in or anything, but holy shit, y’all! I won Makeup Zombie
Wendi’s Spooktacular Giveaway, and the prize was awesome to begin with (complete set of Hi-Fi’s Nightmare 2010 Halloween Collection samples), and then she went and threw in a sample of “Frolic” from Darling Girl, a full-sized Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Eyes in Funkytown, as well as samples of Aromaleigh’s Ciao! Italia collection!!! I about pissed my pants when I saw all those goodies just waiting for me. (Except I managed to control my bladder, so you don’t have to get grossed out or anything.) And I had missed out on the Ciao! Italia collection, and was kicking myself for it, so that was very serendipitous! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendi!

(I want you to know that I climbed up on a wobbly chair to get that picture, so I have risked a busted ass in addition to a urinary disaster in order to report on this to you.)


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