I’ve read some rave reviews about hyaluronic serum, so I’ve been meaning to try it. I finally picked some up yesterday, because I’ve got a couple drops left of the vitamin C serum I’ve been using, so getting another serum didn’t seem flagrantly spendy.

And now I want to know, why the good fuck did none of those reviews mention the HORRENDOUS STENCH?! I don’t even know what to compare it to, it is so foul.

Also, I’m not entirely sure, since I only put it on about a minute ago and what I’m seeing could just be coincidental, but I think I might be getting hives from this shit. Goddammit. I need to go study the ingredients and see if there’s anything I haven’t ever used before. And then maybe bust out the benadryl.

UPDATE: Looks like it was just initial irritation (this stuff stings a bit), not hives, so that’s good. Still fucking stinks, though.


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