FOTD: Dinosaur disco balls (10/05/10)

HOLY SHIT, DINOSAUR PLUSHIE FUCKING RULES!!! (You probably already knew that.)

We went out to the Pinhook for trivia Tuesday night, and Stephen came with us, and we…did okay? But didn’t win anything. Still fun, though. And afterwards, we went to Satisfaction and got yummy pub food, om nom nom. I was in cold-weather/feeling-crappy mode yesterday, so I was schlumping around in comfy stuff all day, and wanted to “cute-en up” for going out, but I wanted something quick and easy. Here it is:

-Evil Shades Blush in Vixen
-Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow #65 Stormy (contour)
-Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
-Fyrinnae Loose Shadow in Dinosaur Plushie
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
-Nyx Doll Eye Long Lash #DE01 Extreme Black
-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Reincarnation

Look how sparkly Dinosaur Plushie is over the primer. I really need to use it with Pixie Epoxy, for maximum sparkly goodness! I definitely need a full-size of Dinosaur Plushie, which I’m pretty sure will be my first ever Fyrinnae full-size. (Their samples are so freaking generous that until now I’ve gone for variety of color over quantity. I feel kind of bad about only pestering them for minis, but…I kind of need *all* their shades, and am too impatient to build my collection more slowly.)


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