Fabric cut!

I’ve cut enough fabric for nine pillows, and now I’ve got to iron them. I usually try to skip ironing, but it really needs to be done for the finished object to turn out best. I should have pre-washed all the fabric, too, but I totally forgot. I’m hoping I pre-washed it as soon as I got it, and then stuffed it in my stash. Sometimes I do that. If not, I hope it doesn’t shrink after sewing.

These are the border fabrics:

And these are the fabrics for the main body; the two on the left are flannel:


5 thoughts on “Fabric cut!

  1. WHERE IN THE EFF DID YOU GET HELLO KITTY FABRIC! I have forced my mom to hunt for it for freaking ever, and we still have never found any. She makes me these awesome fleece blankets, and I wanted an HK one. I got one at Toys R Us, but I am still lacking a pillow. Also, HK slippers. These are about the only two Hello Kitty things I don’t have.

    • Ah, shit. I got it at JoAnn’s ages and ages ago, and it’s been in my stash forever because I couldn’t think of what to use it for, but didn’t want to toss it out. I would totally have sent you some, but I’ve cut it all up already. 😦 I could send you a pillowcase, though. 🙂

    • I would be more than happy to share the Hello Kitty love! And if you’d rather have the fabric, to make something else out of it, let me know. I’ve got some 40ish”x26ish” cuts, and some 11ish”x26ish” cuts.

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