Crafty Goodness: Friendship bracelets/knotted bracelets

BOOM: This video made the different knots totally clear to me.

And I found it on the same site that I found a shit ton of patterns, all charted out and free to get: (Just click on the patterns tab to get to the patterns, and you can even refine your search by specifying stuff in the sidebar like how many strings, how many rows, number of colors, etc.)

And you know what? I am going to tackle that BEAST of a pattern – OH SHIT, Y’ALL!! There’s a Totoro pattern! Squee! I definitely have to add that to my to-make list. Anyway, I’m going to tackle this beast again, with renewed vigor, and hopefully it’ll go much more smoothly. (Assuming I can keep track of 32 strings and what of the pattern I’ve already done. We’ll see.)

And if you like the one Mindy gave me, I’m pretty sure it’s this pattern.


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