New obsession: dubstep, holy shit.

Insanely incredible. I’m willing to bet this dude would have no problem not only keeping up in my bellydance classes, but excelling. I think I may love dubstep, and I certainly need to learn how to dance to it. I’m just slack-jawed in delight.


9 thoughts on “New obsession: dubstep, holy shit.

  1. Totally, he’d kick our butts! This reminded me of this video:

    Um…more angry industrial style though. Ha! 😀

    And there’s Frank. You’ve probably seen him. He’s from my area:

    • I love angry industrial! And creepy gasmask dancing! It is awesome!

      And I hadn’t actually seen Frank Farinaro before, but holy shit, he is SICK! I think that’s one of the most amazing dances I’ve seen ever.

  2. Dubstep is the hip thing for people my age right now… oh god lol I sound so old, and all I listen to lately is classic rock. But yeah everyone is always posting facebook statuses about going to dubstep shows… I just don’t get it.

    • I’m under the impression it kind of grew out of drum and bass – which my junior-year roommates were really into. And they could “glide,” I just didn’t know about tribal style bellydance back then, so I didn’t pay much attention. So, yeah, I feel super duper old now, knowing that dubstep is like a newer generation than drum and bass, and all the “kids these days” are just dancing like this at clubs like it’s no big thing. A little jealous – but also hopeful, since my roommates said it didn’t take long to learn once they started, so there’s hope for this old lady yet. (That being said, I don’t know that I’m ready to go to shows yet. It would probably be like most shows in a college town: a younger crowd than I’m used to, and I just feel tragically old and unhip.)

        • Yeah, I live in a college town and its mostly high school seniors & then college kids up to like… 28 year olds maybe. My friend is in a band that used to always play at venues, so I’d go to shows and support him, but it’s a hardcore band and I’m like 5’2 and not muscle-y so it was kind of terrifying 😛 I hate random people throwing themselves at me as hard as they can… I’m more of a Lady Gaga concert type, where we danced with the guys in the row in front of us, and nobody slammed into anyone.

          • OMG, yes! My husband’s in a metal band, and I like the music, but the scene – I am way too big a wuss. I mean, if you want to slamdance, that’s your business; but if I’m clearly avoiding the pit, please don’t slam into me. Jesus.

  3. I really wish that boy was wearing tighter clothes. Y’know, so I could see the full effect of his dancing, not to gaze upon his marvelous body control.

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