Long overdue camping trip picspam

So, we went to Rodanthe July 4th-7th with Erin and Stephen, and another friend of theirs, Tres. We stayed in a tent in…one of the coastal campgrounds, and it was pretty awesome. Except for the spider infestation – but the upside to that was, I learned I can *absolutely* “man up” and pick up some motherfucking spiders and ticks with my bare hands and carry them outside the tent. Of course, that shit all stopped once we got back to civilization, and now when I see a spider in the house, I either leave it alone (if it’s nice enough to leave me alone and go hide somewhere I can’t see it), or get Greg to handle it. But at least I’m not jumping on chairs and screaming in a high pitch. (No, really. That would happen.)

Camping was a blast! The Outer Banks are lovely, and I did not take anywhere near enough pictures to do them justice, because I was usually too busy *enjoying* them to remember to pull out the camera. Here is our tent – or, rather, Erin’s and Stephen’s tent, that we all slept in:

Campsite layout:

Our campsite (Stephen and Greg are playing their guitars at the picnic table):

Amenities (toilets and cold showers – but showers nonetheless, and you get used to the cold surprisingly quickly):

We had very little in the way of neighbors on our loop of the campground.

All the gorgeous sunsets you could stand to look at! Just breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. I began to understand this whole “connecting with nature” thing. πŸ™‚ (Mostly kidding – I already got it. But I really felt so relaxed and refreshed on this trip. It was a little weird, but really nice, to be walking around by myself at night and not feel the least bit nervous.)

Part of the aforementioned infestation. It is rather unsettling to wake up and see so many crawlies at the top of your tent, even if they *are* on the outside. And even worse when some of them got in. (And actually, this is nothing compared to the hordes that were up under the rain shield the last morning.)

We drove into Nags Head (if I’m remembering correctly, this long after the trip), to Kitty Hawk Sports, to see about going on a dolphin-watching cruise, but they only had four seats left, and there were five of us, so we ended up getting fudge and lunch and homemade dog biscuits (for Erin’s and Stephen’s dogs), and mucking about. There were a bunch of decorated horse statues that we saw – but this one was my favorite:

I also had to take a picture of this sand sculpture because *clearly* they know what’s up and welcome the return of the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu fhtagn, right?

We had lunch at a cute tavern-y place, and got an appetizer of nachos – and Greg got sour cream in his beard. And when I pointed it out to him, he, of course, put more on and made a face:

Then we went to the beach. First, I did probably my favorite beach activity: looking for “little dudes” (Donax variabilis, or coquinas). I love watching them burrow back into the sand, and they are so pretty. And I collected a couple pretty pieces of shells. Then I swam around until too many things had brushed past my legs (and the last one was a little tingly, yikes), and then got out and alternated napping with slathering on sunscreen. Greg, Stephen, and Tres had picked up a nerf ball at one of the stores nearby, and were tossing that around, until a jellyfish came their way and stayed there. Actually, Greg got out (that’s my hubbin: smart!), but Stephen and Tres stayed in for a bit.

Then we went back to the campsite, showered, and amused ourselves. I took more pictures of the gorgeous sunsets:

After dinner, we decided to play a game (Dominion), and it was too windy and dark to play at the picnic table. So we went back into town, to a bar, and played and had some drinks, and even got some pizza. It was pretty cool. They also had a raffle for a bike (apparently it’s a weekly thing?), but none of us won. (Which is good, because we would have had nowhere to stash it for the drive back.) Erin drove us back to the campground, and I sat up front with her, while the guys sat in the back and fell asleep. Hee. I managed to get one shot of Greg, but the flash woke them up, so I couldn’t catch them all sleeping.

Then we got up early the next morning, broke camp, packed up, and came home. It was a great vacation, and I think Greg is a fan of camping now, too, so we might get a tent of our own or something. πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Long overdue camping trip picspam

    • It was gorgeous, and restful, and a blast. But yeah, the bugs sucked. I mean, yay for me for dealing with it, I guess? But it was really more just that they had beaten my spirit down so much that I was just resigned to it – not actual bravery or anything – so…yeah. That part wasn’t so awesome, and I am glad to be home and more or less bug-free. (At least the random bug that gets in the house is decent enough to try and leave when it sees us, you know?)

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