Book Meme Day 23

Day 23 – Most annoying character ever

Werther, from Goethe’s Sorrows of Young Werther. He’s an insufferable little monster. I read the book for a class titled “Literature and the Art(ifice) of Love,” where we read a couple epistolary novels, and Ovid, and Sappho, and Dante, and some other stuff, and mainly talked about the artifice of love. It was pretty awesome – the class was. It was one of the few classes in which I read AND actually thoroughly enjoyed Shakespeare (since we didn’t just read it on a surface level, and actually discussed the wordplay, and admitted there was TONS of bawdiness). I was gratified to find that I wasn’t the only person who thought La Vita Nuova was more than a little creepy. And we all hated Werther and cheered when he finally killed himself. Good fucking riddance! And if only he’d done it sooner.

I have no patience for Eugene Onegin, either, unsurprisingly.


2 thoughts on “Book Meme Day 23

    • Oh, see, I haven’t read those books, and don’t intend to. Because I’m already annoyed enough *without* having read them. πŸ™‚ I figure I’d only get more irritable if I read them.

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