Book Meme Day 22

Day 22 – Favorite non-sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

Margery Allingham’s Albert Campion and his servant and factotum, Lugg. They crack me up, either in book or in the tv series. In fact, I have a list of paired names for future cats (because you know I’m always going to have two; one might just get lonely), and “Campion and Lugg” (or possibly “Campion and Magersfontein,” since Lugg’s first name amuses me to no end) is near the top of that list. (Right under “Pickles and Murderface.” Because “Murderface Jacobs” is just too good to pass up. Can you imagine a vet tech calling that out, and then being presented with a fluffy kitten? I amuse myself very much sometimes. Hee.)

A very close second is, of course, P. G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster. (And, yes, of course “Jeeves and Wooster” or “Jeeves and Bertie” are on that list, too. Right under “Campion and Lugg,” and right before “Dennis and Randy” (the Quaid brothers). I’m considering adding “Swidgin and Wu” – or, more properly, “Swearingen and Wu,” but “Swidgin” is funnier – but I’m not sure where to rank them. Nothing beats “Murderface,” of course.)


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