Two days late, sorry

I know I missed Swatch Sunday again – I was too busy hanging out with people all weekend to get my ass in gear and do it. Friday, Jeremy and Kimmie came over – ostensibly to eat dinner and play games. We did eat dinner, but since they brought their new-ish daughter, Zoe, with them, playing games turned into playing with Zoe and watching her be adorbs. That kid, I am telling you. Almost makes me want to change my mind about never having children – except I wouldn’t get one *exactly* like her, and then it would grow up eventually, which means (shudder) teenage-hood. So, no, thank you, I’ll just enjoy Zoe’s adorableness. Until it’s time for them to go home and to bed, and then I’ll drop the tray to her eating seat on her head and make her cry heart-wrenchingly and feel like an utter, utter asshole, even though I know babies are pretty fucking resilient.

Saturday, Greg did some recording, and I watched Castle, which is pretty much my new addiction. I worked on crocheting a new bag, that would match my Kindle cover. (Cheesy, I guess, but I love that yarn and am happy to have finally settled on something to use it for.) Then we hung out with Erin and Stephen and their visiting friend, Rob (IIRC), and played Dominion and Apples to Apples. And played with their cats and dogs, who are all pretty cute.

And then Sunday, I hung out with Jess and Mel, and we went to the NC Gay and Lesbian Film Festival at the Carolina Theatre. Jess broke her glasses beforehand, though, so we couldn’t see the film they’d wanted to originally – it was subtitled. So we saw “I’ll Give You an Answer in the Morning,” the women’s dramatic shorts, two of which were subtitled. (And kind of weird, plotwise, but…they were shorts, so I guess stuff couldn’t really be explained in detail?) I enjoyed “The Bedwetter.” The rest…I didn’t hate, but I didn’t really love, you know? The last one was “Little Mutinies,” a Frameline film I might even have bought for the MRC (haven’t checked our catalog, but I buy a bunch of stuff from Frameline every year, so I wouldn’t be surprised) – Guinevere Turner was in it. And I love her. But “Little Mutinies” was okay. I pretty much knew from the get-go how it would end, but it was still enjoyable. And Guin Turner is still adorable.

Then we went to Tobacco Road, which is a sports *cafe*, not a sports bar. Pretty upscale, actually. I got the tomato and avocado sandwich, which was pretty delicious, but my sweet potato fries were cold and soggy, and the service was so-so. (Also, I didn’t get the crab chowder, obviously, but Jess wanted to try it, and it was just fucking disgusting. So thick and coagulated and gross, and it even had a skin on it. Bleccch. So I don’t recommend that. But the avocado sandwich is a win – just maybe don’t get sweet potato fries, unless you like them cold and soggy.) And then we hung out at Jess and Mel’s place, and watched Dark Island, which was actually pretty bad. (The trailer made it look awesome, and the trailer was way misleading.) But we ate cheese and french bread, and tasted some wines I took over (Old Savannah Sweet Tea – which is more of a fortified wine, I guess? but good – and some Semillon I snagged instead of tokay, just to try, and the Semillon was *delicious*), and I enjoyed it immensely. And then Greg showed up (after his D&D game in Cary), and hung their flatscreen tv for them, on a neat wallmount.

And then Greg and I took the hybrid to the dealership, to drop it off to get an oil change in the morning. Only I was following Greg from Mel and Jess’s, and got lost, and the tires felt weird, and I got panicky, and that was not so much fun. And I was still shaken up/off-kilter this morning, so I ended up leaving work early. But after some more sleep and chilling out, felt much improved. Then I had the first class in a new session of bellydance tonight, and it’s all improv, with a new(ish) teacher and new fellow students, so I was pretty nervous – but it was totally fun. So, that was awesome. And then I came home, celebrated with some ice water and spotted dick (because I know how to party, bitches), and now I’m going to sleep.

So, swatches tomorrow. And I just today got my Shiro Cosmetics order, that I placed Friday. And I ordered samples of all twelve colors, and discovered over the weekend that she’d come out with eight new colors. Well guess what: she included free samples of all the new colors, too. DAMN, that is generous. (Eight free samples included with an order of twelve samples? Crazy generous.) So I’m thinking that’s what I’ll swatch tomorrow.


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