Red polish lemming

One of my other favorite characters (not *the* top fave, but one of the very close seconds) is Adora Belle Dearheart, who is Moist von Lipwig’s love interest in Going Postal and Making Money. I love her style as it’s described in Pratchett’s books, and I love what I’m seeing in pictures from the Sky1 stuff. Especially her makeup, hair, and nails. It’s actually making me itch to go back to black hair, except black is so difficult to get rid of, especially when you’ve got several layers of black in. So I’m exercising restraint, for now, and only going after her makeup and nails. I was surprised to discover that I only had two red polishes, and neither of them seemed to have the hint of gold shimmery richness that some pictures of Adora Belle Dearheart (as played by Claire Foy) seem to have.

So I’m on the hunt for a dupe polish. I thought I’d found a match from Rimmel, but…not quite.

I got Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish #310 Red Carpet. It is a really pretty red, but as far as I can tell, it seems kind of pinkish, or has pink shimmer. I’m not that great at figuring out what shimmer colors something has, or whatever, but I’m getting decidedly more of a pinky-red feeling from this than I was aiming for. I like it, and since it doesn’t appear to give me lobster hands in the pictures (although it kind of does seem to in real life; Greg thinks I’m nuts, though, he can’t see it), I’ll definitely hang onto it and use it again. But…not a dupe to Adora Belle’s nails, so…still looking.
Here it is with two coats:

And here it is with three coats, in case that third coat transformed it into what I wanted:

I thought it was a more or less true bright red with gold shimmer, but maybe I should look for something a little closer to a burgundy-ish red with gold shimmer? I don’t know. Any suggestions?


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