Zoya Pasha

I got this during the polish exchange, and chose this color on a whim, really. I’m so glad I did, because I loooooove it. When I got my bottles, I looked at Pasha and was like, “Hm….Not a wow-er.” But I was so wrong. I thought the color was more reserved than I’d normally wear, but I couldn’t stop staring at it once it was on. And it has just the right amount of shimmer for the color, in my opinion – just enough to make it interesting, not so much that it seems weirdly gaudy for the color. Also, shimmer aside (because I don’t think the Sally Hansen has shimmer) it was everything I hoped Sally Hansen Commander-in-Chic would be, but wasn’t. Commander-in-Chic: phbbbbbbbbbbbt!: Blah color; irritating, unworkable brush; crap consistency. Pasha: THIS is what I’m talking about: the color is just right; great brush; great formula; applies like a dream. You know, basically what I’m coming to expect from Zoya. 🙂 Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t quite do it justice. The shimmer doesn’t show up on my nails, but you can see it around the flash reflection on the bottle.

And I don’t think I mentioned it with the Adina post, but Adina lasted two weeks on my nails, with relatively little tip wear. Pasha was in just as great condition when I took it off last night as it was when I first applied it last weekend, and without a top coat. (And I type all day at work, and then quite a bit in the evening, and am pretty rough on my nails.) I just had a bee in my bonnet about finding a certain red polish, so Pasha had to come off.


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