Book Meme Day 12

Day 12 – A book or series of books you’ve read more than five times

The Anne of Green Gables series. The Anubis Gates. I think those are the only ones, actually, I’ve read more than five times.


2 thoughts on “Book Meme Day 12

    • Yeah, I re-read it every year, and how far I get through the series varies every year – but I rarely make it all the way to her kids, like Rilla of Ingleside. I love me some Anne Shirley, and some L. M. Montgomery, but….yeah.

      They’re still WAY better than the movies, though. The first movie (or miniseries, depending on who you’re talking to), with Megan Follows, is pretty awesome, imo. The second one isn’t terrible, but it’s not quite as awesome, and it diverges from the books pretty wildly. And then the third movie – nothing to do with the books, and I couldn’t even make it past twenty minutes. I tried really hard, too, but it was just godawful.

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