Tatted bracelet = I NEED to learn tatting

I’m under the impression that tatting is very intricate and time-consuming, but the results are sooooo breathtakingly beautiful, I just may have to find the patience to do it. I found TotusMel Tats through Haute Macabre, and promptly fell in love with pretty much every single piece in her Etsy. No lie. They are all saved to my favorites, but the one I ABSOLUTELY had to have right that minute was The Woman tatted cuff bracelet in Sepia (looks like there’s at least one still available if this catches your fancy). I ordered it on Friday, and received it yesterday. And it is goddamn gorgeous! See?

I love, love, love it! So now I either need to spend copious amounts of cash at TotusMel Tats, or learn how to tat. Probably the former, since I don’t know if I have the patience for tatting myself. I also might ask if she’ll make me a Woman bracelet in shades of black, white, and grey – I’m seriously considering it.

I got my dreaded handstick this morning, and it was nothing, really. The lidocaine cream really came through like a goddamn champ and I didn’t feel shit – not even that “wiggly feeling” that grosses me out and upsets me more than the pain. And my veins rolled like a sumbitch (they seem to do that all the time now), so there would have been wiggly feeling if my hand weren’t so numb. I won’t lie, there was some crying before hand, and more crying when I got home (I think just from relief?) – but none during the procedure. I just laid back, covered my eyes, and tried to focus on my breathing until it was over. And focus as hard as I could on what it felt like, since it felt like NOTHING. So hopefully that sense memory will replace the godawful handstick from a couple years back, and next time I have to get one, I’ll remember that I didn’t even feel it. The clonazepam did absolutely nothing for me, but that’s okay since the lidocaine cream did the trick. I think next time I’ll go in sober, with the lidocaine cream, and just use my relaxation techniques. (The clonazepam relaxed me enough that I couldn’t focus enough to do the self-soothing/relaxation techniques, but not enough to keep me from being a bit anxious and weepy. But no crying during the procedure, and no screaming or hysterics at all – so it was bearable, and that’s what we were hoping for.) Now that I’m home and the handstick is over, of course now the clonazepam is kicking in (only two and a half hours after I took it – but I think anxiety/adrenalin over the procedure probably blocked the clonazepam from working earlier, and now I’m relaxed and past the handstick, I’m feeling the full effects). This means that I can’t type FOR SHIT and am constantly having to delete and retype multiple times. So one more thing, and then I’m giving up on blogging and gonna go peace out somewhere I don’t need manual dexterity (which, between the still-numb hands from the lidocaine cream and the clonopin, I have none at the moment).

The one more thing: I bid on a lovely slave bracelet by Blix, only to be outbid by 50 cents at the last minute. Yeah, I fumed for a little bit, but whatever. Shit happens, people snipe on Ebay, it was my own fault for not watching the auction til the last minute. But then she posted this look, and I fell in love with the skeleton cameo necklace in it – that she made and is selling in her Ebay store. And it was buy-it-now, so I snapped that badass right the fuck up. SQUEE! I am ecstatic that that beauty is coming to me! Happy happy joy joy!

And now I’m going to go take a nap, since the clonazepam is whooping my ass. So 1-I HIGHLY recommend TotusMel Tats on Etsy, and Blix’s Ebay and Etsy stores. 2-I might try to learn tatting. 3-Time to conk the fuck out. I hope your day is going well! Mine’s been a minor adventure, but good overall. (Except for when my hands were all bandaged up in occlusive dressing for the lidocaine cream, and I had to go to the bathroom. I’ll just say that the resulting situation was pretty mortifying for me, but just once again proved how much Greg is awesome and loves me, and let you fill in the blanks, since this is already TMI territory.)

Edited to add (after a long-ass nap) this picture of me in my occlusive dressings. How pathetic is this? (Probably nowhere near as pathetic as it would have looked if I hadn’t been snarling at the camera.)

And Jess cut my bangs last night, so not only are they much cuter (especially when worn straight down), but they’re not in my damn eyes. Score!


2 thoughts on “Tatted bracelet = I NEED to learn tatting

  1. That bracelet is pretty sweet. Don’t know if I have the patience to make something like that. You look so grumpy! Ow! Bangs are cute though.
    I saw your bid and knew that was you! Sorry you didn’t win the bracelet. I do custom orders if you are ever interested. 🙂

    • Hee. Awesome, because I totally was like, “….I bet she’d do a custom order.” But I had such a hard time choosing between your slave bracelets, and then you put up the necklace and I was like, “Sweet! I guess things do happen for a reason.”

      I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to tat, to be honest, but I picked up a beginner’s how-to booklet, and some thread/yarn/whatever it’s called, and will at least give it an honest go. We’ll see how long I keep up with it. From the looks, it seems very similar to crochet, just on a much tinier scale, so…maybe it’ll be intuitive and easy? Probably I’m just kidding myself, but here’s hoping.

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