Book Meme Day 6 – horrible oversight

I was getting my sweet new tattoo yesterday, when I realized I’d forgotten something for today’s book meme. (So, uh, yeah, I’ve been doing them a day ahead – that way I can schedule them, and then if I don’t have time to post anything that day, my blog will still update. For some reason – probably my OCD tendencies – I feel like it should be updated pretty close to daily. Anyways.)

I’d forgotten the two books I have tattoos for. Yeah. They’re kind of important to me, if I have them marked on my body. I’ve got one tattoo for Jane Yolen’s Great Alta series, a series that considerably helped me get through the turbulence in my youth, and is still part of the foundation of my personal moral code.

The second book-related tattoo is a little more complicated – it’s for Foxfire, the movie (the 1996 one with Angelina Jolie, Hedy Buress, Jenny Lewis, Jenny Shimuzu, and Sarah Rosenberg). I love that movie so much, it’s ridiculous. But after I first saw the movie, I read the book it was based on, Joyce Carol Oates’s Foxfire, and loved it as much (even though it’s rather different from the movie). The tattoo design only appears in the movie, but *my* tattoo reminds me of both the film and the book, which also contributed to my personal moral code.

These books (and film) are still very important to me, but Anubis Gates is nonetheless my favorite book ever. So…I should probably get a tattoo for it. (Which is a nice piece of synchronicity, since I’ve been wanting an Egyptian tattoo – or tattoos – for ages, just haven’t settled on designs yet.)


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