Well, damn.

It’s payday, and I was all set to order from Aromaleigh – and they’re not taking orders til September. Shit. I REALLY wanted all the Victoria’s Revenge I could get my hands on (since some of the shades I was really lemming are already gone). And I was awake til after midnight last night (ordered Fyrinnae stuff last night, in fact), so why the fuck didn’t I order then? What was I thinking? Ugh, I could just kick myself.

On the other hand, it makes prioritizing my other lemmings (as in, what to get now; what to get later; which expensive things to just go ahead and start saving for – like tattoos; how to decide between crafts supplies/projects, Kindle books, cosmetics, and albums I want) easier.


4 thoughts on “Well, damn.

        • Oh, I love when payroll and HR seem to not understand that their timelines affect other peoples’ real lives. Luckily I don’t run into that terribly much in my job, but I’ve heard enough stories that it sounds like a common problem pretty much no matter where you work.

          On the bright side? Maybe you’ll have even more time to save up for major haulage when she reopens, too. How awesome (and embarrassing) would it be if she opened back up and then was like, “Hey guys, sorry the RIDICULOUS lead time and backup, but Kathy Jacobs and SilhouetteScreams placed godawful huge orders, so….yeah. Thank them.” I’d be like “Sorry….except I really mean MUAHAHAHAHA.”

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