More book meme! Day 2

Day 02 – A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about.

Easy! Sergei Lukyanenko’s Nightwatch/Dozor series. So very, very fantastic on so many levels. You can totally read it for pure pleasure, but there’s plenty of depth and thought-provoking stuff, too.


5 thoughts on “More book meme! Day 2

  1. I love that series! Admittedly I’ve only read Night Watch and I own it, but I’m OBSESSED with the movies πŸ˜€ and well, Night Watch covers both the movies so yeah. I have the rest in ebook format but havent gotten around to reading them yet.

    I looooove the implications of the treaty – they basically can’t exercise their powers at all even if they’re Light, because it’s bound to be in violation of the treaty. And I love how torn some of them are, because you can do bad things and be a Light Other, just as you can do good things and be a Dark Other – but you still can’t change what side you’re on :O

    And omg I love Geser and Zabulon ❀ they're half like 'omg I hate you and I will kill you off one day' but they're half BFFs too 😐

    • WORD to all of this. Geser and Zabulon are my favorites, after Anton, of course. Although I’m not a huge fan of Svetlana, but the reason why is in the later books, so you won’t have read that yet. And Olga – I wish we would get more about her and Geser, and like what the Others did in previous eras (like, during WWI and WWII, for instance – it’s just briefly mentioned).

        • Very possibly. She pulls some pretty heinous shit on Anton, and he doesn’t kick her to the curb. I don’t know – it could just be the combination of my personal moral compass and the fact that all the books read to me like Anton doesn’t really have a problem with Svetlana being more powerful than he is. Like, it reads to me as if the other characters think he does, and are concerned about that, but that Anton himself spends very little time hand-wringing about it.

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