Stuff and nonsense – gossipy catchup

If you’re only here for makeup, skip this post. If you’re here because, like me, you are a nosey parker, then you might like to keep reading. It’s just a general discussion of what’s been going on lately, with some pictures of cats thrown in. Maybe like a chatty weekend review, except on Monday? Mostly a lot of crafts discussion, and photo heavy.

So, Greg never uses any leave, vacation or sick or bonus or otherwise. For real. I don’t really understand it, because in my mind, it’s there to be used, and I use it when I need to, and sometimes when I just want to. (Mental health days, really, when it’s in everyone’s best interest – not just mine – that I stay home and get over myself, you know.) So he has a shit ton of leave saved up. I don’t, but I’m trying to use less of it so we can go on extended vacations, like, ever. But anyway – the upshot is, he’s taking this week and next week off entirely from work. I think it’ll put a small dent in his total amount of unused leave. And his plans for vacation largely involve doing yardwork, working out, running errands, shit like that, because he’s sweet and also crazy. (Well, if you ask me, not sleeping in past 9:30 the first morning of your vacation, then getting up and hitting the 30-day shred – that constitutes crazy. I think he did some yardwork today, too. I know he likes it, but I really just feel like he’s ruining his vacation. Vacations are for being lazy, or doing leisure activities. I had to argue a little strenuously last night to convince him not to do the laundry for me during the next two weeks. It’s a sweet offer, but considering I’m kind of a slob, and laundry is like one of the few big cleaning things I contribute to our household, no, thanks. But he likes to stay busy. Probably because he’s really an extrovert? I’m really a huge introvert, so I like lots of downtime to process shit. Or that could be the social phobia. Who knows. Who cares.) Greg also wants to put a mini golf course in the back yard; we’re both pretty excited about it, so that might be one of his projects over the next two weeks. I’ve been wanting a carnivorous plant bog (love them! and used to have one growing up), and he thinks it’d be neat to incorporate that into the golf course, so might be getting some Venus fly traps, sundews, pitcher plants, and Cobra lilies (I think the Cobra lilies are my favorite currently). Psyched about that.

Next Tuesday is the big day: BLOOD DRAW DAY. Where we find out if the ungodly amount of money we coughed up for my EMDR sessions is actually going to prove to be well spent. I’m going in to discuss whether the increased dosage of nortriptyline has helped me be less anxious and have less trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep (yes on all counts), and we’re also going to draw blood to check my liver levels. I believe the game plan is to just not even try to draw from my arm, but go straight for a hand stick. I will also be on a max dose of clonazepam, and have the backs of my hands slathered in lidocaine cream and wrapped in plastic wrap – that’ll effectively remove the pain of a handstick, but the wiggly feeling of the needle in my veins (which is really what grosses me out, more than the pain bothers me, although handsticks hurt way worse than arm sticks) will still be perceptible. Most of me thinks I’m going to be fine, but since I am a champion worrywort, there’s a small voice in the back of my head that just cannot believe it can be this relatively easy: that I spend a few months (and a ton of skrilla) *talking* about my needles/veins/insides issues and just get over my phobia. But I know from experience (working through other issues) that sometimes it IS that simple. So…we’ll see. Greg’s going to drive me in, since I’ll be in no state to drive. The plan is to go in the late morning, and grab lunch and then take me into work afterwards. But I’ve given my boss a head’s-up that if it doesn’t go well, I might end up staying home the whole day. (Like, if I manage to get hysterically upset anyway, and then need to be heavily sedated. It’s amazing how unproductive you can be at work when you’re unconscious, you know? Obviously, if I’m feeling positive enough to be a smartass, I must be alright.)

I’m still plugging away at the Kindle cozy, and getting there. Crochet is supposed to “go faster” than knitting, but it uses about three times the amount of yarn a comparable knit project would use. And I haven’t been working on it too long, but I still wish it was done already. I’m actually probably going to make a couple cozies for my Kindle. There were several cute patterns – some crochet, some knit, some sewn – so, probably going to try them all. I actually ended up just making up my own pattern for this cozy, but it’s pretty simple. I might post it to Ravelry or something, if I decide there might be interest in it. It’s kind of self-evident, though, so….I don’t know if it really needs to be posted. Anyway. I also want to whip up some cozies for my cellphone, and some more manageable cozies for my camera than the case I’m currently using. The case is great, but for some reason I don’t like tossing it in my bag, so I almost never have my camera with me. Like the other day, I saw the BEST sunset, and my cellphone’s camera kept making it too light and fucking it up.

I’m also (still!) working on the scrap-sock-yarn, one-large-granny-square afghan. It’s not quite big enough yet, but it’s gotten too big to fit in one picture. I have to fold it up, and then be like, “This is what it looks like folded into quarters, so…yeah, just imagine a square that’s like four times bigger and mirrors the stripe patterns.” Here’s the most recent picture of the scrapghan, but it’s old – I’ve added several more rows since this was taken. It’s just such a hassle to photograph.

I need to finish sewing my Buttercup bag – sweet jesus, do I need to finish that, I’m SO CLOSE to done. (But probably not tonight – my anxiety was being a bitch earlier, so I’m on clonazepam right now as a matter of fact, and don’t wish to sew through a fingernail. Also, if you’re noticing more spelling/grammar mistakes – that’s why. Because I’m not as clenchingly anal about them, so I’m sure some are getting past me. Like I keep trying to type “half” when I mean “have.”) It’s a little too shallow for me to carry very much in it, but still cute and functional (if i can manage to weed out half the shit I usually take with me). Once it’s done, I’m going to use the pattern but extend it to make a deeper Buttercup.

I’ve also been using this old bag again, and the strap is slightly too long, and the whole thing is fraying, so I’m going to make a new one, preferably with a flap, all messenger bag style. I wish I had more of the cute berry fabric, though. Although I do have a Strawberry Shortcake wallhanging (from when I was a kid) that might be up-cycled into a bag. Hmm.

I’ve been meaning to make a bunch of sewn projects, that probably should get their own post, actually, so I can link to the free patterns, for those of you who might be interested in that. I’ve also got a lot of mending that needs to happen. And I weeded out a bunch of clothes I don’t wear, or that don’t fit, and decided that I ought to have enough tshirts to start working on a tshirt quilt – good way to hang on to the designs I can’t bear to toss out, even though the shirts really aren’t wearable anymore. I’ve also decided I really just want to live in tank tops this summer, but didn’t have enough colors, so I bought a pack of ‘beaters and a bunch of Rit dyes, so that project…maybe this coming weekend?

Need to take in this skirt, as it’s too loose now, and I love the flamingo pattern, so have to make it wearable again:

And decide what to do about this shit – it was part of Wardrobe Refashion I did a while back. I thought it was cute (with a belt, which my hands are simulating in the picture; otherwise, muumuu-ville), but now…I’m not so sure.

The poor top-down raglan that is still languishing in a project bag next to my bed:

Slowly but surely coming along, but I should pick up the pace, because it’ll probably be good for Spring and Fall, but not Winter.

And I'd like to do some more etching, even though it's kind of an involved process.

Damn. I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself for not being more productive, but just looking through my finished projects (and a couple wips) has made me realize I’m more productive than I give myself credit for. Just go check out the “Finished Objects” Flickr gallery in the sidebar if you’re curious (it’s split into sets by year finished). I’ve got a ton of sewing projects I especially would like to get out of the way, 1-so I can improve my sewing skillz, and 2-because I promised to hem some shorts for Stephen, and I’ll need to adjust the tension on Rita Sue before I can do that. (I fucked her tension up but good, so it pretty much has to be readjusted constantly. My own damn fault, though.)

I just got the most recent Interweave Knits in the mail, and then picked up the latest KnitScene and some sewing mags at Borders, so I’ll probably post about what I’m excited to make soon. I also need to – jesus christ – post about the camping trip. UGH. So slack. But whatever, this is enough blathering for one night, so I’ll post about the camping trip to Rodanthe (sleeping! in a tent!) tomorrow night, swear.

What kind of crafts do you enjoy, if any? I love to gab about crafting, and especially learn new stuff to do, so if you’re like-minded, hit me up! Let’s dish. I also need to spend more time on Craftster, getting inspiration (and posting my finished stuff). But for now, I gotta go rest – I pushed myself a little harder than usual in bellydance yesterday. Okay, a LOT harder than usual, and I didn’t exactly hurt myself, but my muscles are NOT happy with me right now, and they’ve had just about enough of sitting up at a computer desk. So, later taters!

WAIT – I promised/threatened cat pictures. Here they are: Chalupa has been extra adorable and goofy in the way she lays around these days, and her skittishness is markedly decreased, like, to the point where I can *actually* take a picture of her goofy laying around, without scaring her away when I pull out the camera. I think it’s so cute when she lays on her back (especially if she lets me snorgle her belly without clawing my face), or when she tucks her paws under. I don’t know, they look kind of rabbit-y to me, then, and we all know I lose my shit over some rabbit cuteness. She’s been headbutting me ACTUALLY ON MY HEAD (instead of my leg or hand) lately, which used to be too scary for her, so she’s being extra, extra cute and sweet. And I’m reduced to ridiculous crazy-cat-lady levels of blathering about my pet. Oh well. Tough shit for you, huh.

And, the MAXIMUM CUTENESS! (Belly snorgling commenced shortly after this picture was taken. Chalupa didn’t thoroughly enjoy it, but she did sit there and let me do it, so…I’m taking that as a good sign. No purring, but no face shredding, so….win.)


6 thoughts on “Stuff and nonsense – gossipy catchup


    You do so many different creative projects, it’s so cool. Reading about you & Greg reminds me of my mom in a way. She ALWAYS has to be WORKING on something, and her obsession with making cards is like my makeup and your crocheting. I tease her about telling me I buy too much makeup, because her stamping/card making area takes up a good chunk of our basement.

    I suck at being crafty, so I’m pretty jealous here. I started the very talent-needing task of latch-hooking a picture of a tiger once, but I never bothered to finish it. I bought stuff to make jewelry last summer, but never got motivated enough to do it… makeup is pretty much my only creative outlet. Also about a year ago, I REALLY wanted to make amigurumi. I can’t remember if I was trying to crochet or knit, but whichever it was, I was garbage at it. It was so simple and I tried so hard, but the crafting gene just did not pass down to me.

    Also, I need some book recommendations… any genre, anything good. The stupid fancy GIANT ass library here had exactly 0 of the books I put on my little book list when I went last week. >:[

    • Well, the mini-golf hasn’t actually even been started yet, but Greg’s got some good ideas about how to build it, so….we’ll see. But I’m pretty hopeful and excited.

      Dude – latch-hooking is INSANE. I know a lady who does it, and I just can’t even imagine all that effort. She tried to explain it to me once, and it kind of sounded like it should be easy, but when I watched her do it, it looked more complicated than I wanted to mess with. But you do such lovely looks with makeup, you shouldn’t get down on yourself about not being crafty!

      I’ve done a couple small projects that I think would be considered amigurumi, and they were cute. But I haven’t tried anything on a larger scale. I taught myself to crochet using Crochet for Dummies (for real) back in college, and STILL refer to it quite frequently. I highly recommend it. (Actually, the edition I bought was Knit & Crochet, and I believe they’re split into separate books these days. But I’d recommend both. I learned to knit when I was like twelve, and then didn’t for the next six-ish years, and then re-taught myself from books. So it can be done.) I haven’t done any really small, thread-type crochet projects, though. I’ve seen some garments that look crazy beautiful that people have made, but I just don’t have the patience for something that would take forever. I would also recommend or – ravelry is knit and crochet; craftster is everything you can think of and then some – as great places for inspiration and also really good tutorials.

      As for books, other than Crochet for Dummies if you want to get your amigurumi on, I have been enjoying the hell out of the True Blood books lately (even though sometimes they get a little cheesy or slide into romance-novel territory too much for me, but it’s brief), and I’ve also got The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to read, which is getting really good reviews. OH! And – you like supernatural stuff, right? kind of? – I cannot recommend Sergei Lukyanenko and/or Tim Powers highly enough. Lukyanenko does the Nightwatch/Dozor series – they’re all translated, and way better than the movies (even though I like the movies very much). And Tim Powers has done several different books, but Last Call and The Anubis Gates are my absolute faves. I know you like horror movies, but I can’t remember the last thing I read that counted as horror – except maybe the Walking Dead graphic novels, which are excellent, but maybe not at your library. Do you have any horror recommendations for me, bookwise?

  2. hahaha I love you so much for responding to my loooong ass comment with a loooooonger ass comment. And now I am giggling at the mental imagery of ass comments.

    Latch-hooking is so easy, it just takes SO much patience to do the exact same thing hundreds of times over. I kinda wish I finished that tiger, I wonder if I saved it when we moved. I am going to check out crochet for dummies, thanks!

    Euch, I do not ever want to try reading the True Blood or Dexter books, I am scared they will ruin my love for the shows. I definitely want to read/see the movie of GWTDT. But those other books sound awesome, I’m going to look them up!

    Hm, the only really horror book I can think of is called Grave’s End by Elaine Mercado. It her account of her house being haunted, supposedly true, blah dee blah. Who knows. It seriously scared the shit out of me when I read it last summer, I stopped reading it until I was in a room with people, and I had really vivid nightmares about it. It is terrifying, it is like reading a horror movie. And it is available on Kindle 🙂

    • Lady, you said the magic words these days: “available on Kindle.” Hot shit. I’m going to have that sucker in about two seconds, and be reading it tout de suite.

      And seriously – do you read my blog? I am VERBOSE. To the point of ridiculousness. I *can* be succinct, I’m just so lazy when it comes to editing, and now that I’m not in school anymore….

      Oh – another book that’s not exactly horror but totally creeped me out to the point of not being able to finish it: Mark Danielewski’s House of Leaves. It’s got a lot going on, construction-wise, like a story within a movie within a book, and lots of meta stuff. But also, the house itself is fucking cree. pee. I would read it at night when I was home alone, and have to stop reading and leave all the lights on and not be able to get to sleep – not because there’s a monster or anything (I mean, maybe there is, I never finished it), but the atmosphere the book creates is just….yeah.

  3. I really want to read House of Leaves. It sounds so awesome. I actually looked that one up at the library, it was the only book I wanted they actually owned copies of, but of course they were checked out and the wait list was huge. I would just buy it, but I hate buying books unless I know I’m going to love them… I’d never buy a movie I hadn’t seen before either.

    • Oh – Scott Smith’s the Ruins. Was pretty good, and gross and creepy – but I’d recommend checking it out from a library, or buying used at least. I bought it used, but after reading it realized it wouldn’t be something I’d read again, so….

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