FOTD: Just an excuse to wear the lipstick, really (7/22/10)

But first: Last Friday, I ordered my two favorite Skin79 bb creams from Amazon Marketplace seller, COSTSELL. Yesterday, they arrived. Fucking awesome!! Beats the hell out of waiting for them to come from Asia, especially since all four of my Skin79 samples were pretty much dead by the weekend (and I was about to fall back on my Physicians Formula Healthy Wear, which sadly has been forsaken since I found bb creams, but what can you do). And aside from not taking like a month to arrive – four business days? DAMN. (And shipping was way cheaper, naturally.)

While you’re here, this is my sweet-ass voodoo doll that Greg brought back from Louisiana for me years ago when he was down there on tour (with Xtreme Badasses, unless I’m very much mistaken). The tag *says* she’s a goddess of health, but I think we all know that’s fluffy watered-down shit to sell to more tourists. I named her Mama Lola (way before I knew there was a “real” Mama Lola), and I stick pins in her for whatever I want to, dammit. She is so purty, and I loves her.


Today, I really just wanted to use one of my new full-sized bb creams, and my Etude House lipstick. (Also, notice how nice my eyebrows are! Yay!) So this is what I threw together:

And that choker is one of the lovely two necklaces I bought from Bella Lili. Really, I hesitate to share this link with you, because I covet EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING in her shop, and if YOU buy it, then I can’t. But I’m generous, so I’m sharing the link. (Okay, so really, it’s not so much generosity as it is that if I REALLY bought everything I wanted I would be sooooo broke for ages and ages. But covered with gorgeous baubles, so….Anyways.) Aside from her jewelry being SO FUCKING GORGEOUS, it’s SICK, her shipping is like lightning speed, her communication is great and friendly, the prices are incredible (girl, you smoking crack? I would easily cough up twice, probably even three times as much as you’re asking, but thanks for not asking that much, because then I can spend the same amount of money and get MORE baubles), the packing is cute and adorbs and secure, and did I mention THE JEWELRY KILLS? Kills it. Knocks it out of the fucking park. Oh, and as if that weren’t enough? Two year warranty on her jewelry. Who even does that? THIS GODDESS: Bella Lili (real name Autumn, but you know what I mean). I’ve never gotten a piece of jewelry that came with a warranty, other than our wedding rings, so I am hella impressed. Also, if she’s willing to slap a two-year warranty on it, you know it has to be *quality*. And it is. It sooo is. Go check it out. But if you buy up my absolute favorites (showing some restraint and waiting until next paycheck, or the one after even, I know, right – am I a pod person all of a sudden?), I might have to stab you. Okay, really, I’ll just pout at you via the interwebs, and maybe ask her to do me a custom copy when she’s taking custom orders again. Anyway. I’ll be rocking the second necklace tomorrow, with my gorgy little Clairvoyant choker, so you can see it then. They are fucking SWANK. I love them very, very much.

-Skin79 Super+ Triple Function bb cream
-e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in Golden Peach (as blush)
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color in Brownstone (buff shade as brow highlight, light brown shade on lid & crease, dark brown to deepen crease; darkest brown shade unused)
-CoverGirl Liquiline Blast #420 Brown Blaze (smudged with smudger)
-Nyx Doll Eye Long Lash #DE01 Extreme Black (upper lashes only)
-Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge #6 Fun Peach

I know I’ve swatched Fun Peach before, but with a labret stud in, and apparently a slightly lighter application, so I’m including today’s photo. Although I’ve decided in general that repetition is boring, so if I reuse lip color or eye colors, unless there’s new jewelry or a lighter or heavier hand in application, or something else that I decide warrants posting a picture of something you’ve already seen, I’m just going to slap up the old close-up pic and call it a day, cool with you?

I’ve been “threatening” to copy other ladies’ looks for a while now, but not actually gotten off my ass and done it. I was going to copy Ms. Faeries Stole My Lipstick’s Sweet Peas & Salt Water look tomorrow, but I think Ms. Heather’s going to do it, too, so maybe I shouldn’t? Are…internet makeup flash mobs a faux pas? But I also want something that suits my swanky new necklaces, and I feel like that’s the Lost in Faerie collection. Then I also have a couple “looks” already picked out and waiting in bags to be used. Like a pink look I wanted to do with extra glittery goodness for Ms. McNasty (or do you prefer Mrs., dear? I default to Ms. because I like it a smidge more than Miss) – and that whole bag has just been languishing in my drawer because it’s going to be one of my more involved looks, using more products than I usually slap on in the morning, and requiring more attention and awareness than my usual pre-caffeine state. What to do, what to do. Anyway, enough dithering, I’ve got to get to bed if I don’t want to be a zombie tomorrow morning, and I would prefer not to, since I’d really like to get all fancied up.

Oh shit, almost forgot – this week’s nails:

-1 coat Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein
-2 coats China Glaze Strawberry Fields

That second picture was an attempt to capture its shimmery goodness. Obviously my camera skills need work, but we knew that already. And can I tell you how much it is killing me that Sally’s has NONE of the vintage collection polishes yet? Didn’t they release in June? Anyway. I also placed an order with 8ty8 Beauty – more on that later. The short version is: THEY RULE.

Night night, little monsters.


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Just an excuse to wear the lipstick, really (7/22/10)

  1. *paws at steampunky gooddness* Amg. YOUR EYEBROWS. THEY ARE EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also I think the look is great to copy since I copied it off of Ashely’s Face of The Day first lol.

    • Thank you! I’m quite taken with my eyebrows, myself. (And one coworker that I’ve gotten hooked on Dlisted, and therefore chola-style Sharpie eyebrows, and my coworker complimented my eyebrows today, too, calling them “Michael K approved.” Which is not entirely true, since they’re aren’t Sharpie thin, but whatevs.)

      Well, I ended up switching out all the eyeshadow shades, because I thought they would go with the second necklace better if I did, so it’s not an exact copy of your look (or Ashely’s look), but more of an inspired-by today. But the actual copying will happen. Oh yes.

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