Sick day.

Well, I did end up staying home today, but it wasn’t due to the 30-day shred. I actually don’t hurt that badly today. (Although, for me, it usually sets in *two* days after, which is awesome because that’s usually the day I’m supposed to do my strength training or whatever again. So tomorrow might be a bitch.) I’ve managed to get some sort of cold or crud or something. Flu-like symptoms, and some of the most disgusting loogies I’ve ever hacked up. So, I’m coughing up loogies and resting and drinking tons of water. Usually this sort of stuff hits when the seasons change, and it doesn’t seem like the weather’s been that varied lately, so I don’t know. But anyways. Catching up on posting and shit – here are some pictures of my little shits. (That’s an affectionate term, by the way, because sometimes they’re little shits, but they’re *my* little shits and I love them. And sometimes *I’m* a little shit. Everyone is sometimes a little shit, you know? And these two have been especially mischievous lately.)

I love Chalupa’s eyes – they are so pretty! I don’t think my camera can really capture the subtle light golden streaks in the green, but anyways.

Skeeter laying around on his back. He moved a bit when he saw me pick up the camera, but before that he was right on his back, all four legs in the air, and chin up. It was pretty cute, I wish I could have gotten a picture of the exact pose. He’s a goober.

Chalupa, sunbathing:


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