Working on first-time purchases from High Voltage, Sugarpill, Glamour Doll Eyes. Any must-haves? Other than everything, which is where I’m currently at right now. Sigh.


18 thoughts on “Recommendations?

  1. Ooo I haven’t tried any of these companies yet either. Make-up zombie and Rebellious make-up have really great swatches. I can’t wait to see what you get. *Is living vicariously through other peoples hauls.

    • Well, apparently I am a dolt and have already placed a first order with High Voltage, because it came in the mail today and reminded me. But it was a small order, so I’ll be taking recommendations for a second order with them, as well as first order must-haves for Sugarpill and GDE.

      I will be sure to put up some swatches for you! 😀 I like to live vicariously through other people’s hauls, too, so I figure I should return the favor.

    • Oh fuck yes! Which reminds me, I got some SWEET glitter from Morgana Minerals, and I have not shown it off in any way, shape, or form yet (neither in the bag, nor as a swatch, nor in a look). Bad Kathy! Will have to fix that soon.

      • What’s funny about your whole makeup journey that I’ve been watching is the fact that I literally wear the same foundation and “basics” that I started wearing at 13. I like living vicariously though you since I really lack the knowledge and courage to try new things on my eye lids. Sad, I know. But thanks!

  2. What’s funny about your comment, is I’m doing the same shit with other beauty blogs, pretty much. I tend to do the same things, application-wise, so I check out what other people do, and then try to push myself to try new things. Except then I find looks I really like, and just want to do them over and over, like…every day.

    • Also? Until the past year-ish, I’d been doing basically the same shit I’d done since college. And now, in addition to trying new stuff, I find myself revisiting stuff I did *before* college. Like my new favorite look (about to be posted soon) is extremely similar to the look I rocked daily in ninth grade. Weird.

  3. High Voltage: I havent tried much from her yet but Alter Ego and Star Breaker are pretty. And well, all of the new lip gunks she’s come out with 😀

    Sugarpill: Goldilux! And Lumi is beautiful if you want an inner corner highlight that works well with green and blue looks. My favourites of the pressed shadows are Love+, Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Bulletproof is the blackest black evar. I’m not really a fan of the purple, Poison Plum, though 😦 texture could be better

    Glamour Doll Eyes; Radioactive is an EPIC matte teal, as for other recs: Phyrra, Stiletto, Trophy Wife (seriously a contender against Sugarpill Goldilux, but its the tiniest bit olive and doesnt have that almost glitter texture)

    • Sweet – the Sugarpills you recommend are pretty much the exact ones I was thinking I should get. And I was waffling on Poison Plum, so I think I’ll skip it.

      And as for GDE, thank you, again! Especially Radioactive. I am still kind of nervous about mattes, and trying to actively fix that, so I need an epic matte teal. Woot.

  4. SORCIA!!! Me, too! Except for the hot-rolled hair (I was too lazy to get up early enough to do that.) And half the time it was a tight t-shirt instead of a bodysuit, but still.

    Also – I was so tall, compared to the “norm” for the junior department, that the bib of my overalls was actually UNDER my boobs. And I kept wearing them like that (because otherwise they’d be – the horror! – highwaters) through high school, where my hallmates made relentless fun of me until I stopped wearing overalls altogether.

    And then last week, I came across some editorial – I’m going to have to find the link to prove I’m not making this shit up – and every single model was in overalls, and every single one had the bib UNDER her boobs. And I was like, “You fucking high school bitches! I was a VISIONARY!”

  5. I’ve heard Detrivore is a good brand & that they make a formidable eye primer. You can also check out Sobe Botanicals and Bella Sugar Cosmetics (Bella has a promo where they give you a full size eyeshadow on your birthday in a color based on the other eyeshadows you’ve purchased when you include your birth date in the invoice)

    • Detrivore is definitely on my to-try list – I’ve been ogling some of the shades T uses over at Queen Bee of Hearts. I got Sobe’s Spring Fling shadow collection, which I really liked and need to make more use of – so thanks for reminding me that I have some of their stuff. But I also want to try more, because I like Spring Fling so much. And I don’t think I’ve read much about Bella Sugar, although it sounds vaguely familiar, so I’ll have to look into them, too. (And I’m all about a free birthday shadow, that’s pretty sweet.)

      Thanks for the tips!

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