FOTD: Sex Pot Callisto (7/08/10)

If I look kind of nonplussed in the picture below, it’s because I was. Today was actually a pretty damn good day, and I felt super relaxed and recharged after the vacation (those pictures coming soon). But late afternoon/early evening, I had some frustrating complications with something I’ve been trying to make happen for a while (actually starting the new Vampire game), and got upset about it out of all proportion. I think it’s my week to PMS, to be honest. I took the FOTD snaps, took off my makeup, snarfed food, and took a three-hour nap. I feel much better and more reasonable now. (It’s just that people are busy and sometimes scheduling is difficult, and that’s not a big deal. But it felt like a huge deal pre-nap. So, most likely PMS.) Anyways.

I wanted extra-intense eyeliner today, so I lined both lashlines, both waterlines, and even did my best to tightline so there wouldn’t be a bare spot. Mmmm, black eyeliner goodness.

And you’ll have to forgive the look’s “name.” Yes, it’s product names (a little spelling liberty taken with one of them), but once I thought about the names, they reminded me of Callisto, from Xena. I loved Callisto, evil and batshit crazy though she might have been, and you have to admit, she was pretty gorgeous. Maybe not so much a sex pot (in the sense of being promiscuous), but a sex pot in terms of being smoking hot.

-Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Aromaleigh/Dormant Dream Lost in Faerie Eyeshadow in Calista (lid and crease)
-CoverGirl Liquiline Blast #410 Black Fire
-Nyx Doll Eye Long Lash #DE01 Extreme Black
-Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Sex Pot

I don’t think you can actually tell, because the bb cream has decent coverage, but in spite of *slathering* on sunscreen almost constantly, I did get a bit of a tan in some places, a burn on the top of my back shoulders, and my freckles. Sweet christ, my freckles. I don’t even know if I noticed them anymore these days, I’m so used to them and they’re not that dark. But after camping, it was like discovering them all over again, and they’re so fucking dark! Greg thinks it’s cute, but it’s such a marked difference in my eyes (and I’m not used to it yet), that every time I see them, I think I’ve got dirt on my face, or eyeshadow fallout, or something, and try to wash them off. I’m sure in a couple days, I’ll be used to them. But for now, there’s still a moment of wondering what that dirt is on my face, before remembering it’s actually a freckle.

Also, the ocean water did a fucking number on my hair dye (plus I wasn’t using my EverPure while camping; took smaller bottles of a different shampoo and conditioner), so it’s looking a little greenish dark brown again. Time to re-dye! I’m tempted to try another Prettia or Beautylabo dye – especially one of the foaming ones – but I’d have to wait for it to get here from abroad. Also, while I do tend to love the colors they have ALOT, I feel like if I just looked at my options over here, I’d find similar shades. So I’m thinking I might just scour some US company sites and see what they have that dupes Velvet Brown.


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